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Why Taking PTE Academic Is Good for Your Career

Amit Verma Jul 3, 2019
PTE Academic Scores are valid across the globe for education and workplaces. In this story, we will explain where you can use the PTE scores and why you should go for it.

If You Want to Study Abroad

Thousand of students fulfill their dream of studying abroad through PTE Academic. From Harvard Business School to Yale and most probably your dream university accepts PTE Scores. The best is that you can send your scores online in a matter of clicks.

For Visa Application

New Zealand and Austalia's Immigration Department accepts PTE Academic Score for different Visa Applications. Just remember to tick yes when you are asked if you want to send scores to these immigration departments while registering.

For Jobs

Although, it might not be famous for job and work applications. You can check if your desired workplace accepts PTE Academic scores online! There are thousands of workplaces that accepts PTE scores.

Why PTE?

Of course, these things can be done but why PTE? It's because PTE Academic is the only English Proficiency Exam that is fully computer-based. You can study for it with online PTE Practice Tests. Flexible dates and rescheduling are available. All you need is a Passport.

Make a Career Just With Few Clicks

The best part is that you can do this online. From registering for the exam to sending scores. The PTE Academic ScoreCard is available online and you can send any university or workplace. All this with just one fee. Yes, you don't have to pay anything to send scores.