Why to Continue Education After High School

Students often wonder whether it is necessary to continue education after high school? College education provides a stronger foundation for personal growth and goes a long way in developing a stable career path.
EduZenith Staff
Sometimes, it is hard to continue studies after high school, probably because many find it difficult to afford a decent college education. Often times, all that people wish to do is to get a job as soon as possible so that they too can help their families financially. While there are some who think that college is not cut out for them and that they are not good enough for such high levels of education. So they settle for less by working as low salaried clerks in malls, or as workers in construction sites, coffee shops, etc.
These are respectable jobs, and there is no doubt about it. What makes things different and a bit more complicated is when you ask yourself as to, whether you would still prefer working for a low paying job, in spite of the fact that you realize that your job does not help you unleash your true potential and that it isn't what you want to do anymore or for the rest of your life? With age, we realize what we want to become and where we want to see ourselves 5-10 years from now.
✒ Higher Salaries
A college education will provide you with more qualification, which is what most employers expect these days. You will be paid much more simply because you are a graduate. Unless a candidate is exceptionally good at his work and he can show proof for it, there are very less chances that he would be selected over a candidate who has a college degree.
The reason being that, the selected candidate has more experience and education which stands in his favor. Another advantage of a college education is that it allows you to start off from a basic salary, but also allows you the opportunity to increase your pay through work experience and training. The moment you get enough experience, your work will begin to yield better results which will help you earn an increment and further incentives. A decent salary is a good motivating factor which makes you do better than your own expectations. Thereby, helping you grow as an individual.
✒ A Better Standard of Life
A good job makes you realize your true worth. It makes you want to work better so that you can enjoy a better standard of life in the present. It also helps you plan for the future by making you think as to how you would like to enjoy a comfortable life, both for yourself as well as your family. It raises your aspirations and expectations thereby helping you see beyond the limits of your own set boundaries. These boundaries can severely hamper your capabilities and lead you away from success and happiness.
✒ Advantages of Specialized Training
Another reason why education is important after high school, is because it helps you become better at your area of work. Specialized trainings help people become qualified in that particular field. They gain practical as well as technical work experience which they can show for, while applying for a job in that field of work. They are treated as specialist in that field and are respected for their expertise. For example, a construction project manager who has a college degree in construction sciences would be treated in high regard and would be paid twice the amount of salary as compared to the one who is self-employed and has climbed up the ladder through work experience. You decide which option out of the two cases is faster, better, and easier?
✒ Financial Independence
With the amount of experience and savings you gain through a well-paying job, you have the option of being completely financially free. Which means that you need not always worry about how you will be paying your bills every time. You will be able to live in a respectable area, pursue leisurely activities, take vacations, and spend for yourself and your family. Education helps you get closer to a better life.
Higher education gives individuals a sense of achievement and purpose. It makes them believe in themselves a bit more. Of course there are exceptions, when it comes to certain cases. Some individuals who never went to college have succeeded and achieved their dreams nonetheless. However, these people were driven, they had exceptional talents or skills, and they had the undying will to succeed in life.
✒ Personal Growth
Education is a never-ending process, and college teaches us a lot about life and how we can mold our futures. Education offers us a myriad of doors, all of which possess the power to uplift our self-respect and our potential as humans. Through education, we can successfully reach our goals, and follow the road less traveled, simply by saving crucial time. One learns to decipher the nuances between a good education and true knowledge, which is the way towards wisdom. A wise person, will use the knowledge amassed over the years to create something new out of the old, and educate people about the novelty that has been created. This insight and perspective can be gained only through perseverance, curiosity, and a yearning to keep learning.
At the end of the day, it is that will and yearning to make something of yourself that counts. So how you go about achieving it depends completely on you, until then higher education is something you can always depend and lean on in times of crisis.