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Add a Melody to Your Yearbook With Famous Quotes from Songs

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Mar 17, 2019
What is a yearbook without quotes? And where do you find them? Forget Ralph Waldo Emerson and his peers, and take a different approach by quoting from songs this year.
The yearbook - a montage that helps you remember all the good times they spent in school. This time, instead of going for the usual quotes that are common in every yearbook, try a few song lyrics. There are a number of meaningful quotes that you will find in songs. Use these to express your feelings and emotions. Here are a few suggestions.

Quotes from Songs for Yearbooks

✲ I'm just a curbside prophet,
with my hand in my pocket,
and I'm waiting for my rocket to come.
- Jason Mraz, Curbside Prophet

✲ Everybody who doubted me is asking for forgiveness,
If you ain't been a part of it, at least you got to witness.
- Drake, Forever

✲ God show me the way, because the Devil is trying to break me down. - Kanye West, Jesus Walks
✲ Drag my name through the mud, I come out clean. - Lil Wayne, Gossip

✲ God bless us everyone.
We're a broken people living under loaded gun.
- Linkin Park, The Catalyst

✲ You don't get another chance,
Life is no Nintendo game!
- Eminem (feat. Rihanna), Love the Way You Lie
✲ You keep messing up
And I'll keep praying for you.
- Jaron and the Long Road to Love, Pray For You

✲ Confidence is a stain they can't wipe off, my word is my pride. - Lil Wayne, Drop the World

✲ You can pay for school but you can't buy class. - T.I., Swagga Like Us
✲ I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold. - Kid Cudi, Pursuit of Happiness

✲ Keep ya head up, child things are gonna get easier,
child things are gonna get brighter.
- Tupac, Keep Ya Head Up

✲ Good to be older
Would not exchange a single day or a year
- John Lennon, Borrowed Time
✲ You and I have memories
Longer than the road
That stretches out ahead.
- The Beatles, Two Of Us

✲ Leaves are falling all around
It's time I was on my way.
Thanks to you, I'm much obliged
For such a pleasant stay.
- Led Zeppelin, Ramble On

✲ One of these days, and it won't be long
You'll look for me but, baby, I'll be gone.
- Led Zeppelin, Your Time Is Gonna Come
When on the lookout for quotes for your yearbook, pay attention to the songs you listen to. You never know which song might have a line that will perfectly capture what you want to express.