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Rest Easy, Middle Schoolers! Here's a Guide to Yearbook Themes

Shashank Nakate Jun 18, 2019
Creating a yearbook is one of the most exciting and interesting activities that take place during a school year. The yearbook themes for middle school presented in this write-up will make this activity a lot more fun.
A yearbook for middle school students should be such that it incorporates a fair amount of material which is entertaining to read, along with the informative and thought-provoking content being presented.
It should summarize the activities and events that took place in the past year, and also add content, which speaks about the future plans of the school. Different point of views need to be taken into account during preparation. The content used should be such that it touches the lives of the students and they feel associated with the matter presented.

Some Useful Ideas to Incorporate

Students from the middle school need help and guidance from teachers to create a yearbook. High school students are comparatively much more independent and can work their way through all the responsibilities single-handedly. However, even middle school students if guided properly, are capable of producing good content and ideas.
These themes should interest children from the 12-13 year age group. The children from this age group are in their formative years and enjoy learning new things. Therefore, the topics should be such that some thought is applied to them, and the content is made interesting. One should also give due importance to cover designing.


A yearbook can be dedicated to a special event of that particular year. For example, special occasions like silver jubilee, golden jubilee, or centenary celebrations can be showcased. Other events like sports competitions could also be highlighted.

Endangered Species

A yearbook for middle schools can also be created with 'endangered species' as a topic. Students would get to know about how the plants and animals of our planet have to bear the brunt of uncontrolled human encroachment.
It would create awareness about the environment, and make them more responsible in their approach towards life.


The book can be completely dedicated to the health issues of children. Children would then get the knowledge of various health problems, and the care that needs to be taken in order to tackle them.
The information regarding various health issues is easy for children to obtain. However, the benefits that they would obtain from the whole process of researching and presenting the information would be much greater.
Maintaining basic hygiene and keeping the body in a healthy state are the two simple yet important objectives that can be achieved through this theme.

Importance of Education

The children, while working on this theme, will have to find out information about the positive effects that education has in their development.
The subject can be handled in a fun-filled manner with proper guidance from teachers. Thus, children would take interest in this subject.
In fact, a yearbook could prove to be the best medium to make them interested in the process of education without having to pester them to do their homework and other activities, which are tagged as tedious or boring by children.
There are many themes that one can use for yearbooks. Apart from the earlier-mentioned themes, the activity of designing should give importance/exposure to the regular school activities. These could be the annual functions, information about students who fared well in examinations, etc.