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5 Ways to Balance Academics and Social Life in College

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Technically, students attend college to earn degrees. However, it’s no secret that many people also consider the social aspect of college to be essential.

This can cause problems when students (many of whom are young, and haven’t been forced to cultivate their own study habits independently) to struggle when they arrive at college. They simply don’t know how to strike the balance between studying and partying.

This is a common problem. However, it doesn’t have to be. Students can enjoy the social life college offers while still succeeding academically by keeping the following tips in mind.

How to Balance Academics and Social Life in College: What You Need to Know

Stick to a Routine

College is typically different when compared to a student’s previous educational experiences. This is particularly true in regards to routine. For many students, the high school years before college involved adhering to a strict schedule for six or so hours during the school day, then returning home to parents or guardians who also enforced a basic schedule.

In college, students don’t have that much supervision. That’s why they need to create their own routines. For example, by devoting the weekdays primarily to attending class, studying, and only socializing in relatively “low-key” ways (such as getting coffee), students can keep their weekends free for more fun activities.

Use a Calendar

Staying organized can make a tremendous difference in a college student’s ability to balance academics and social life. By entering important due dates into a calendar, a student is less likely to fall behind on their assignments, and more likely to complete work early enough that they can enjoy socializing as well. This is also easier than ever thanks to apps for college students.

Get Enough Sleep

It’s safe to say not every behavior college students engage in is necessarily healthy. For instance, many college students don’t get nearly enough sleep.

It’s understandable that students may feel the need to stay up late in order to both complete assignments and have fun with friends. However, in the long run, a student will succeed both academically and socially if they get enough rest.

Get Help

Some students struggle with individual classes in college. As a result, they fall behind on their assignments, and are unable to enjoy socializing.

This is another problem that simply doesn’t need to be an issue. Many colleges offer free or low-cost tutoring options. Additionally, the Internet provides access to a wide range of tutoring resources if on-campus tutoring is unavailable. Getting help early can make staying on top of both academics and socializing much easier.

Combine Academics and Socializing

It’s entirely possible to strike a balance between academics and social life in college by combining the two. For example, a student could befriend others in their class to form a study group. At designated times each week, the group can get together for a study session, agreeing to reward themselves with a social activity later.

These are all important points for college students to keep in mind. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the social life college offers. However, that doesn’t mean students need to sacrifice academic success to do so.

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