Excellent Examples of Analogy for Middle School Students

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Analogy Examples For Middle School

The usage of analogy in the English language has been visible in various aspects. In fact, we see it every day in our daily lives. This EduZenith article on analogy examples for middle school will give you a better understanding about the concept. Not only will it help you academically, but also improve your reasoning abilities.

Definition of Analogy

anal·o·gy noun \ə-ˈna-lə-jē\
A comparison of two things based on their being alike in some way.
― Merriam-Webster

That was the literary definition of analogy; however, in simple terms, analogy is the process of comparing two different aspects or things with similar qualities. It is usually used to give a clearer explanation of how two different objects (or subjects) can be linked with common similarities, be it in their characteristics, function, degree, lack, type, or something else. Identifying the analogy between two completely opposite things not only helps one in the language skills, but also hones one’s analytical, reasoning, and perceptive skills.

A classic example of analogy of this would be: Sword is to a warrior as pen is to a writer. Now, a sword and a pen are two absolutely different things; however, using this analogy helps a person understand that like a sword is the dearest treasure of a warrior, the pen is the dearest treasure of a writer. Although the aforementioned example was a pretty simple one, the usage of analogy can also be a little complicated.

As a matter of fact, different countries have different analogies, which can be understood only by the native people belonging to that region. Even if you understand the basic language, there is a possibility that you won’t be able to understand the analogy used by people staying in that particular region. As this article focuses on the analogy examples for middle school students, we shall discuss the basic level of analogy.

Relationship between Analogy, Simile, and Metaphor

A lot of students get confused between these three terms as they are closely interrelated. Understand that a simile and metaphor are types of analogy. While in a simile, the comparison between two things are made using words such as like and as, in a metaphor, one thing is personified as the other (not literally) to make a comparison. For example, The mind is a computer machine is a metaphor; however, The mind is like a computer machine is a simile.


Analogy is a little more complex, and not a figure of speech as the previous two; it is rather a comparison or an argument that is used to present a point in an otherwise complicated or difficult-to-understand scenario. It bridges a commonness between two different subjects and thus, through example(s), helps in putting across a point.

Analogy Examples for Kids in Middle School

Pink Rose I

We have seen many analogy examples in literature, especially in poems wherein poets try to explain their point by setting comparisons between two similar qualities or aspects. Among the various examples, a well-known analogy example would be, What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, So Romeo would were he not Romeo called…” by William Shakespeare, wherein the poet explains Juliet’s feelings for Romeo by taking an example of a rose. Just as how a rose, no matter what it is called, will always smell sweet, Romeo, no matter what he is called, will always be perfect in his qualities. Mentioned below are some simple analogies for kids that will help them grasp the concept in a better way.

✏ MTV is to music as KFC is to chicken. ― Lewis Black
✏ Fish is to water as bird is to air.
✏ I am to singing as Donald Duck is to speaking.
✏ You are as annoying as nails on a chalkboard.
✏ Glove is to hand as monitor is to computer.
✏ Moon is to night as sun is to the day.

✏ What day is to humans, night is to owls.
✏ Ice is to Eskimos as desert is to Egyptians.
✏ Ground is to a snake as sky is to an eagle.
✏ White symbolizes purity and goodness as black symbolizes impurity and evil.
✏ Anti-virus software is to a computer as vaccines are to a newborn.
✏ Cobra is to a mongoose as dog is to a cat.

✏ What strings are to enjoy the music of a guitar, love is to enjoy the music of life.
✏ Obeying is to a servant as ordering is to a master.
✏ Poem is to a poet as child is to a mother.
✏ A gang of boys is like a pack of wolves.
✏ Ocean is to depth as mountain is to hugeness.
✏ What car is to road, ship is to water.

✏ Religion is to priest as patriotism is to soldier.
✏ An arm is to a human as a branch is to a tree.
✏ Intelligence is to scholar as fitness is to an athlete.
✏ Whip is to evil as halo is to good.
✏ Fan is to heat as heater is to cold.
✏ Balance is to riding as focus is to driving.

✏ Singing is to her as talking is for tree.
✏ Like cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. ― Proverbs 25:25 (ESV)
✏ Smartphones to me are like sunglasses to an owl.
✏ Memory is to love what the saucer is to the cup. ― Elizabeth Bowen
✏ Snakes are to flying as birds are to crawling.
✏ Comedy is to tears as suspense is to boring.

Did you notice how the aforementioned examples of analogies for students are successful in comparing a similarity between two absolutely different things? That is the power of using analogy in the English language. There are levels of this topic. The aforementioned examples were basic; however, as you proceed towards high school, you will come across more complex versions of this language form.


As you learn this subject at a much deeper level, you would be able to identify the usage of analogy in a better way, provided your basic concept is clear. Remember, studying languages needs a lot of time and practice. The more you dig deeper into it, the more you explore. Here is a last example of analogy before I sign off―Reading for a student is like digging for a miner. Keep digging!

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