Pell Grants for Moms Going Back to School

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Pell Grants for Moms Going Back to School

Pell grants for mothers who wish to go back to school are helping a lot of women from low income families get higher education and look for gainful employment. Here’s more about it…

There are several women across the country who would benefit from a higher education, as this will open doors for good employment opportunities. Education has the power to empower women to take better care of themselves and their families. However the cost of education is one of the biggest hurdles in their path, especially for women who have kids. One of the avenues they have for financial assistance for education are the Pell grants. These federal education grants help students from low income families get a good education from one of the affiliated colleges.

The government has also earmarked more than 40 billion dollars for funding education with programs like the Pell grants. Receiving financial aid from the government is not easy as some websites might lead you to think. There is an intense eligibility criteria and application process which requires fulfilling several requirements. These grants are one of the single largest source of financial aid for education made available by the administration.

Pell Grants for Moms

Each year, the government provides financial aid to several eligible students from all over America. One of the avenues of funding available is the federal Pell grants program, which is a need-based grant. A need-based grant basically qualifies students from low income families. The financial reward receivable through the grant is applicable to over 5,400 colleges and universities across America, and for a variety of educational courses. These grants are also referred to as moms going back to school grants, as they have helped several women continue their education.

The financial reward received through a grant need not be repaid unlike a student loan. This is what makes government grants most suitable for students from low income families. For the year 2011-12 the financial reward under the Pell grant program was USD 5,500. The grant amount is dependent on factors like the cost of education and the expected family contribution (EFC) of the student. Whether the student is enrolled in a part-time or full-time course also contributes to the receivable amount.

To apply for financial assistance, students are required to fill the Free Application for Federal student Aid (FAFSA) form. You will have to enter details about your or your family’s financial status, and information regarding the course which you desire to pursue. Students will also have to give details regarding their academic achievements. The FAFSA form is available on the federal student aid website along with the application dates and submission deadline. You can also get details regarding these grants from the financial aid office of your college.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria has several qualifying factors, ranging from finances to education.

  • The award amount received under the program is only applicable for the 5,400 affiliated education institutes.
  • One of the important eligibility criteria for receiving an education grant is possessing a valid social security number.
  • Students looking to enroll for full-time or part-time educational courses can apply, not those who want to do online courses.
  • This grant is only applicable for undergraduate study programs, with the exception of the post baccalaureate teachers study program.
  • Students should display financial need to be eligible. They will have to submit pertaining documents.
  • It is vital that students fill the FAFSA form to qualify for the grant amount.

The prevailing market condition has increased the importance of these grants, as it is one of the few remaining chances for higher education for many women.

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