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Behavior Contract Template

An interesting piece of agreement between teachers, students and parents is a behavior contract that helps to mold the behavior of reckless and difficult to handle students.
Kundan Pandey
In every class and in every school, there are some students who are more notorious than others and teachers find such students difficult to handle. To deal with such students and for their behavior modification, a wonderful piece of agreement that comes handy are behavior contracts that are a form of agreement between students, teachers and student's parents to track the behavior of the children during school hours. The behavior contract template presented in this article would give you a fair idea on what all things are reported according to this agreement.

Template for Behavior Contract

Following is a behavior contract sample that presents the proper structure that serves as a template.

Student's Name:




__________________ will demonstrate good behavior and attitude while in school premises.

__________________ will follow the instructions of the teacher properly without giving the teacher a chance to complain. Each time the student is unable to fulfill any disciplinary commands of the teacher, that are in the best interest of the student, he shall be awarded a tally mark sign. Higher the number of these tallies, poorer will the rating of the students behavior. The ratings and rules for tally sign marks are as follows:

1. A student who gets no tally sign marks for that day, will be allowed to throw a die on that day at the end of the school hours. Based on the die number rolled, he will get perks that are as follows:
  • For number 1: Half an hour extra games time for the next school day.
  • For number 2: Gets to lead the class assembly line on the next school day.
  • For number 3: Help the class teacher after afternoon classes.
  • For number 4: Two chocolates
  • For number 5: Remains the class prefect for the next school day
  • For number 6: A storybook for children
2. One Tally Mark in a day: No chance to roll the die next day.

3. More than two tallies in a day: No recess breaks for that day or any other restrictions as determined by the class teacher.

Tips to Create Effective Templates

The advantage of these behavior contract agreements are that these have been found to be effective in handling challenging students who seriously disrupt teaching system during classes. The behavior contracts set a limit for the behavior of the students and at the same time there are also various rewards and perks, in case the students show discipline and abide by the clauses and rules mentioned in the behavior contract.
  • Before meeting the student and his parents, make a brief outline of what you wish to include in the behavior contract as per your observation of the student's behavior in the class. Since you are a teacher, you must be more aware as when and how the student misbehaves.
  • Next, hold a meeting with the student and his parents/guardians. Generally, one to one interaction is important as you are dealing with students who have consistent record of undisciplined behavior.
  • In the meeting, your objective is to team up together to help the child give up bad behavior. Don't over criticize the student instead, be supportive and make him understand the virtues of discipline. Explain the students that they have time to make fun and play games during breaks and games periods, however, when in classes, their focus should only be on studies.
  • Communicate to the students the procedure in which the behavior contract agreement has been prepared. For every poor behavior, they will be awarded a tally mark.
  • Perks and rewards must follow for every good actions and behavior. Even parents can reward on their own besides the school administration.
  • Teach the kids the value of sports and games and how they can channelize their energy in such fruitful activities.
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting after every 2-3 weeks or a month's time. This is helpful in avoiding lack of communication among teachers, students and their parents. Besides that, such meetings helps everyone to express their opinions.
  • Trust the plan and understand it's not a short term objective. Child behavior modification demands time, patience and lots of efforts.
If implemented properly, behavior contract agreement surely motivates students and parents to participate actively in it. Students have shown drastic changes in their discipline when they were handled carefully and with a planned approach. So the templates you're searching for are basically in the form as mentioned in the example in this article. With some modifications, they can be used for students of all classes. While researching on the internet, you would come across various behavior contract templates that are designed to suit your purpose. You can download them and use effectively as per your need.