Graduation Announcement Templates

Are you having a tough time designing and wording your graduation announcement invitations? It's natural to want the best for this special day. Here are several graduation announcement templates to help you come up with great invitations. Check them out!
Graduates On College Campus
With your graduation day drawing closer, you must already feel the apprehension of saying goodbye to all your friends. It is indeed going to be very overwhelming, even more so because your parents and people closest to you, are going to be a part of it. And there are just so many people you want at the event. However, what's important, is you inform these people in time. It's very important that you send invites as soon as you can, so that not even a single person misses your special day. To help you in this task, we have a few announcement templates below. You can use these to design and word your own invitations. After all, you want the best, don't you?

College Graduation Announcement Templates

The invitations are usually sent by the family. They are available in the campus bookstore a few weeks before the event. However, this might be an expensive affair and students usually prefer printing their own. For this, you can use the college stationery available to all students. This too, is available in the bookstore.

From the Parents

Sometimes, parents want to make the invitations themselves and send them out. In this case, the invitations are usually formal, just the type a college would send. These can also be used if the parents want to have a proper ceremony on a personal level.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith proudly announce Graduation of their daughter Anna Smith


The 25th of June, 2013


The Denver School of Law


5.00 pm to 7.00 pm

Reception to Follow

From the School

Some schools take necessary addresses from the students and send out the invitation themselves. Again, you have the option of providing them with your own prints. If this option is indeed open, you can refer to the template below to design your invitation.

The President and Faculty at

New York School of Arts

announce that

Anna Smith

is a candidate for

Degree in Creative Arts

at the commencement exercises


25th of June

At 5.00 pm

New York College of Arts Auditorium

From the Student

Many a time, the student is studying abroad with little possibility of the parents attending the graduation. In this case, the student can form his/her invitation and send it to guardians or close acquaintances who can attend the event. In this case, the invitation can be a little informal. Here is a sample.

Class of 2013

I, Anna Smith

proudly announce my Graduation

from the

Utah College of Special Sciences

on the 25th of June, 2013

At 5 o'clock,
2nd Hall at Utah University

Reception will follow at our home, 7.30 pm onwards.

Apart from these basic and common graduation announcement templates, we have a special one provided here, in case your child is going to be the valedictorian. A matter of prestige, a copy of this invitation will probably stay with you for life.

For the Valedictorian

Please join us at the Graduation Ceremony of our daughter

Valedictorian, Anna Smith


The 25th of June, 2013


California College of Architecture


5.00 pm to 7.00 pm

Reception to Follow

This is going to be one of the most important invitations you'll send in your life. Though these graduation announcement templates will help you word your invitations, also give good thought to the design. The invitations have to look sophisticated. Best of Luck!