Best Dental Schools in the World

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Best Dental Schools in the World

Which are the best dental schools in the world? Hard to put a finger on one institution and name it the best, isn’t it? However, there are several schools all over the world, which fall in the class of the best ones. Let’s have a look…

Dentistry is a science in which students study about the overall health of the mouth. Moreover, they also learn how to tackle the various tooth and gum diseases which if left untreated, can make an individual extremely uncomfortable. A qualified dentist is a medical and licensed professional who specializes in preventing, diagnosing and treating various health conditions affecting the teeth, jaw and mouth. But to become a qualified dentist, one has to make sure that he/she completes his/her education from a good dental school.

Top Dental Schools in the World

The process of selecting a dental school requires a lot of searching. For budding dentists, universities offer four to five years of degree program in which students learn all the basics related to dentistry. Students who want to become successful dentists should make sure that the schools that they are selecting should fulfill the basic requirements and offer all the necessary programs. It is important to check that the school is accredited by the American Dental Association or by a governing body of a different country, if the school is situated outside America. Here are some famous dental schools around the globe.

Harvard University

The Harvard Dental School is the first ever university based and university affiliated dental school in North America. Before Harvard started its own dental school, the practice of dentistry was not so popular and dental schools were not given that much importance. Harvard School of Dental Medicine is a school with world-class amenities and the institution also boasts a strong research background. The faculty of dentistry at Harvard is not only prestigious, but they also work simultaneously with students to surprise the world with their impressive legacy for discoveries. A world-class institution for budding dentists.

Leeds Dental Institute

Leeds Dental Institute has been honored by the Times of London as the best dental school in the United Kingdom. The school specializes in Oral Biological Sciences, which focuses on the overall development and the conditions affecting the tooth enamel. The dental school receives a major part of its funds from the Leeds University and United Leeds Hospital NHS Trust. After enrolling in their degree program, students are exposed to various situations which can occur anytime after students have embarked on their professional journey. The school has partnerships with various medical institutions and facilities so that the students can explore many more amazing opportunities to learn.

University of Melbourne

People who are interested in studying outside the US should definitely give Australia a try. The University of Melbourne provides foremost infrastructure and students looking to pursue a career in dentistry can look forward to the various Bachelor’s Degree programs offered in dental, oral health, dental science and a Master’s Degree in clinical training.

Manipal College of Dental Sciences

This dental school is India’s first self financed dental institution. This educational institution had a very humble beginning in 1965 and in just three decades, Manipal College of Dental Sciences became the top dental school in India. Due to its modern ways of approaching the health conditions surrounding the tooth enamel, the school has been honored with various awards and accolades. The school offers degree in Public Health Dentistry to Periodontics. The training lab is filled with modern and advanced equipment like endosonics, digital radiography, cryosurgery, ultrasonic scalers, orthopantomography, ultrasonic scalers and laser fluorescence carrier detectors.

Peking University

Peking University is perhaps one of the most popular universities in the whole of Asia. Situated in the capital of People’s Republic of China, it has the most advanced dental school in the country. The School of Dental Studies in the Peking University has four basic course branches – medical treatment, teaching, in-depth research and treatment. With world-class infrastructure and an excellent faculty of teachers, Peking University is an ideal option for students.

University of Glasgow

Glasgow Dental School, also referred to Glasgow Dental Hospital and School, is situated in the city of Glasgow, which is also the largest city in Scottish land. The dental school is one of the most prestigious schools for dentistry in the whole of England and students can enroll in the five-year program for Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) which is an undergraduate degree. Students can also select a variety of postgraduate programs like oral surgery, restorative dentistry and orthodontics.

It is never easy to choose an educational institution and name it the best one. The aforementioned names have been picked out after detailed research and reviews that have been given by world-class educational bodies. Hope this article was an interesting read, do leave your valuable feedback.

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