Forensic Psychology Schools

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Forensic Psychology Schools

Forensic psychology is gaining popularity today, like never before, but where you receive education for fields like this, makes a big difference. Take a look at some universities with courses in forensic psychology that you may want to consider.

The concept of forensic psychology is not uncommon, when it comes to criminal justice. But for those who do not know much about it, how does one understand what the concept is all about? Very simply put, forensic psychology is the convergence between psychology and the legal or criminal justice system. Since this job is a demanding one in its own right, it is of utmost importance that a forensic psychologist has a very clear understanding of law, and the legal system on the whole.

This branch of psychology has grown drastically in recent years, mainly because of the popularity it has earned thanks to media and television. But what are the schools to go to if you are looking to get a degree in forensic psychology? There are certain universities with courses in forensic psychology which you can opt for, in order to get a specialized degree. Have a look at some of these schools that you choose from.

Good Schools for Forensic Psychology

Since forensics is a large field on the whole, and takes a lot of knowledge and interest to be good in this field, it doesn’t hurt to ensure that you go to a good school for the same. It is also important to bear in mind that a forensic psychologist’s salary is largely dependent on his education, so striving for the best is a good way to go. In order to help you decide what it is that you would like, here is a list of a few good universities with courses in forensic psychology.

Tiffin University – Tiffin (Tiffin, Ohio)

The first of several good schools, Tiffin University is one of the best known educational institutes for forensic psychology. Situated in Tiffin, Ohio, this school has been around since 1888, and has been meeting needs in terms of forensic psychology education requirements, for a long time now. What also matters is the fact that this school has some extremely experienced faculty, thus allowing students to receive education from nothing short of the best. So, given the fact that most of the faculty has years of experience behind them, and they offer an Associate’s degree, a Bachelor’s degree, and a Master’s degree, it definitely is a school that must be considered.

University of Denver (Denver, Colorado)

Founded in 1864, the University of Denver is known to be the oldest private university in the Rocky Mountain region. Offering a Bachelor’s, as well as a Master’s degree in the specified field, there are over 200 students who are undergraduate majors, and over 50 students that are part of the PhD Program at this school. In terms of faculty, there are over 20 full-time members, and a host of other assistant faculty. Apart from the aforesaid, this university can also boast of some extremely notable alumni.

American International College (Springfield, Massachusetts)

A private institution today, the American International College (AIC) was founded in 1885. An institute that had started out as one with the purpose of providing education to international migrants, this college was basically started in order to provide French Protestant minority students with access to higher education. A college that started off with a good cause in mind, the American International College is one of the more popular colleges today.

Marymount University (Arlington, Virginia)

The Marymount University in Arlington was founded in 1950 by the Religious of The Sacred Heart of Mary. With every new academic year, this university sees a large number of students from all over. What started off as a women’s school, back in the day, is today a private co-educational university. Interestingly, even after all these years of being around, and having evolved, this university still maintains its Catholic identity, and promotes it amongst students too.

While the above mentioned schools / universities provide campus programs, there are other schools that provide the option of online courses too. Some of the popular online schools in this field are:

  • Walden University
  • Kaplan University
  • Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • University of North Dakota
  • Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

Now that you have a fair number of options before you, your search for a good school for forensic psychology should be a lot simpler. Take a look at the given schools, and hopefully you’ll find one that suits you.

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