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Candy Bar Award Ideas

Nothing makes a kid more happy than a candy. So, treat your students with candy bar awards, for doing their homework on time. These treats are cheaper on the pocket and a lot more fun, than the conventional trophies.
EduZenith Staff
Punishment deserves retribution and hard work deserves a reward. A little acknowledgment of efforts, motivates the person to do a lot better the next time. Appreciation, even in the smallest measurement, can make a lot of difference. So, if your students have been working very diligently to achieve the given targets, they need to be given a pat on their back. This can be done by showering them with compliments or with some difference, which can light their faces with a smile. Walk the extra mile, to reward your students a little differently, with candy bar award ideas. These sweet prize ideas, will surely get all students working harder to get to their goals faster.
Ideas for Giving Candy Bar Awards to Kids
Here's a list of candy bars that you can give to your students as rewards. Most of these prizes have been decided as per the evident meaning of their names. This unique method of rewarding your students will be remember by them in the years to come. So, go ahead and find what which job deserves which candy. You can allowed to make variations too!
Candy Bar Awards for Students
Milk Chocolates For the student who outperforms in astrology.
3 Musketeers For three students who have been good leaders all year round.
Hershey's Kisses For the class flirt.
Bournville For the student who has truly earned it!
Kudos Bars Kudos to you, goes to the child who are excelled at a sport event.
Kit Kat For the student who is back from a break.
M&Ms For meticulous and magnificent attempt at finishing a project.
Carmello For the sweetest student.
Butterfinger For the student for who has excellent pencil work.
Snickers For the nutty student.
Whoppers For the student with immense creative imagination.
Dove For the class monitor who maintains peace and silence.
Laffy Taffy For the most jocund student.
Gummy Bears For the student who finishes work quickly.
Hershey's Hugs For all the students.
Slowpoke For the student who can never be on time.
Mentos For the student who can mentor somebody in class.
Mars For the student whose attention is always deviating from class to a distant land.
Forever Yours For the student who has won maximum accolades in an academic year
Orbit For the student who can never be at the seat.
Twix For the trickster in the class.
Carefree Gum For the student who never completed homework.
Payday For the student who has managed a project all by himself.
Animal Crackers Evidently for the animal lovers.
Bit-O-Honey For the student who chooses words very carefully.
Symphony For the child with musical talent.
Marshmallow For the largehearted student.
100 Grand For the student who has been good at saving pocket money.
Baby Ruth For the baseball follower.
Nestle Crunch For the student who can finish work in crunch time too!
Hunk For the athlete in the class.
Nerds For the smartest student in the class.
Krackel For the student who is constantly cracking knuckles.
Lindor For the student who promptly lends things to other classmates.
Shock For the student who has shocked everyone with excellent academic performance.
Smarties Give these out occasionally to kids who have done their work on time and have done with well.
Starburst For the upcoming star of your class.
Abba Zaba For the student who is good at performing magic tricks.
Jolly Rancher For the happy camper in the class.
Cup-o-Gold For the student who has never received a punishment all year round.
Fruit and Nut For the student who can gel with everyone in the classroom.
Mountain Bar For the cross country runner.
Mr. Big For the most responsible student.
Old Faithful For the faithful friend.
Take 5 For the student who takes too long to get a task done.

Smileys, stars and brownie points have now become a rudimentary form of distributing awards to kids. Besides candies and chocolates, you can include bookmarks for the bookworms, paints for a budding painters, pens for nascent writers and so forth. Putting in some effort to show appreciation can go a long way in building a bond of trust and respect, between teacher and a student.