Printable Weekly Class Schedule Template

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Printable Weekly Class Schedule Template

The class schedule template in this article will help you design a structured daily and weekly time-table for your class. They’re easily printable so you’ll absolutely love them.

Empty Classroom With Tables And Chairs

In order to have an organized structure to any institution, it requires a schedule of activities. More so, in an educational institution, where every moment of the day must be packed with productive activities for the students. Most institutions have a class schedule prepared as an effective time and classroom management strategy.

This schedule gives a time-wise distribution of the day’s activities that are in store for the students. It facilitates an organized manner to the day and in turn, to the week.

In this article, we will give you two printable options of class schedules. Just print them and use them to organize the day-to-day activities of your classroom.

*Click on the template given below to print it

Template 1


Template 2

Given below is a blank template of a classroom schedule. All you have to do is right click, save the image, take a print, and it’s good to go. Make as many copies as you need and fill up all the required spaces and you can have your entire week planned out for you.

Blank Weekly Class Schedule Template

Ideas to Make an Attractive Schedule

Instead of using a drab and boring time-table, you can assign it to a student who would like to make it a beautiful classroom decoration. The child can have a life size schedule made on a chart paper and you can put it up in class for all to refer too. To decide who it will be, you can encourage creative thinking in your students, by assigning it to them as a compulsory school activity. The whole class will have to come up with various creative ideas to make a class schedule. Give them some days to think about it and then during one class, have them make these on pieces of paper. They can try out different styles, designs, patterns and shapes. Hold a competition and the child with the most creative idea wins the chance of making the life-size one that will be put up on display on the soft-board in the class. He or she will have to replicate the idea that he or she has drawn. The other students can do the job of filling up the empty spaces once the final classroom schedule has been decided by the teachers and other school authorities.

As you can see, there can be many ideas of making a class schedule. The templates given in this article are the most basic ones used. You can modify it in any way you wish to make it more attractive and user-friendly, depending on the practice in your institution.

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