Travel Grants for Teachers

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Travel Grants for Teachers

Various travel grants are available in the US for teachers who want to travel. Read on to know more…

Nobody who has been fortunate enough to get school and college education will deny the immense role a teacher plays in shaping our lives. Due to their major role, it is essential for them to be informed with the changing trends and cultures of the world. While a teacher is a source of great knowledge for students, giving them benefits of traveling and experiencing the world will help teachers present new perspectives about the world to their students. Teachers who wish to go abroad or to any foreign country for their further research or just for experiencing a new culture can avail benefits of travel grants.

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There are numerous opportunities for scholarships, and in the recent years there have been many non-governmental organizations, MNCs, and private and public agencies who promote summer travel for teachers. The main objective behind this step is to enable teachers to experience disparate cultures in reality. This can help them teach students in a more interesting and useful way. The grants vary depending on qualifications, the funding of the school, and other such factors. Just like exchange programs for students, some travel grants provide room, boarding, and eating facilities to teachers during their stay in another country.

There are many government grants for teachers in traveling, such as the Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program, which offers American teachers opportunities to attend seminars for four to six weeks. The duration of these programs is variable. Almost all grants are distributed during school vacations, so that the teacher can use them without missing any of their regular classes.

Teachers must be careful regarding the terms and conditions of every travel grant, so that they make wise decisions. There are certain common requirements, like excellent work experience, a well-written statement of purpose, a written proposal, and recommendation letters.

Some grants require teachers to be a member of the American Federation of Teachers. One of the most popular is the Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program. This program is sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and is very popular as an intercultural exchange program between the US and various nations in Europe, South Asia, and Africa. Representatives of the US are given an opportunity to share their methods and style with teachers from the host countries.

To apply for such grants, one must properly mention how traveling abroad will be better for their career.

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