College Degrees in Demand

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College Degrees in Demand

Development in different areas of education has given rise to numerous demanding college degrees. Students sometimes get confused when it comes to choosing the area of specialization after passing out from high school. We have listed the top degrees in demand for your assistance.

There is a peak rise in employment with holistic development in almost every global sector. The educational system has been bifurcated into various streams in order to meet the eligibility requirements of jobs. Once students pass out from high schools, they face steep competition for choosing the degree of their choice. Students have also become extremely career oriented and they look for top career choices in order to achieve the ambition of their life.

In the recent times opportunities have increased and the college degrees are not only limited to a particular field but have covered almost every educational discipline, viz., science, arts, commerce, etc. This article shall let you know some of the best college degrees in demand that having plenty of career opportunities and scopes.

Top 10 College Degrees

Information Science and System

This sector was worst hit at the time of recession but has completely revived in the post recession period. Students majoring in this field study computers, systems, programming, website development, etc. They become experts in handling software. Students who have graduated in this field are offered a salary of approximately US $49,167.

Finance/Accounts and Economics

Economists are always in demand as they have the potential to understand and work for the betterment of the economy of a country. Finance is one such area of specialization that has top careers in demand. Macroeconomics, microeconomics and chartered accounting are also some areas where you can think of specializing. The expected salary is nearly US $49,794 in the beginning.

Marketing Management

A marketing degree can help you build a successful career in business. Sometimes the initial period involves a lot of struggle but gradually the growth is so high that you can successfully establish your own business. Job opportunities and scopes are vast. The starting salary of a marketing graduate is approximately US $43,334.

Business Management

A career in business management is highly prospective and the degree offers some of the highest paying jobs. It teaches you the core modus operandi of a business. You get an exposure to dealing with clients and top officials. The job involves risk, profit, loss, and gain. A graduate in this field has minimum package of US $45,887.

Engineering Degree

The top areas of specialization in engineering are electrical, mechanical, computer science, electronics, and information technology. You will have a promising career in the future after graduating from a reputed college. The salary package ranges from US $57,404 to US $60,500. Other lucrative fields of engineering are petroleum, chemical, biomedical, and biochemical. Nanotechnology, aeronautics, robotics, and astronomy have also made a breakthrough in the field of engineering.

Medical Degree

Becoming a doctor is challenging but the feeling of being successful cannot be equaled to anything else. Health practitioners and medical professionals draw the highest salary. A medical degree is hard-earned and medical jobs are prestigious. The field is vast with doctors specializing in different areas. The pay scale ranges from US $50,000 to US $3,00,000. After completing the bachelor’s degree, you can do for higher studies in specialized fields.

Journalism and Advertising

This profession is not only challenging and dynamic but is also full of glitz and glamor. There are different types of journalism (print and broadcast) and you can opt for the one where you find yourself capable enough. The advertising sector is also an excellent platform to start your career and give a boost to your creativity. The pay is dependent on the nature of job, i.e. freelance or full-time.

Arts and Literature

If you are fascinated by arts and literature, then a literature degree earned from a reputed university can be of immense value for the progress of your career. Degrees in other subjects of arts like history, political science, sociology, philosophy, history, humanities, etc. also have a bright future.

Multimedia and Design

Students show ample interest in creative fields, which have gained ample importance today. Degrees in animation, graphics, multimedia design, instructional design, content development and creative writing are highly demanding and they offer a decent salary package.

Science and Research

Working on short-term research projects from good research institutes help in advancing to the higher level of research and development. Working as a research scientist and getting honored with the PhD degree is indeed a big achievement. Biotechnology, clinical research, geology and anthropology are hot fields of research today.

Other fields like interior designing and fashion design also have a lucrative career. It is always suggested to opt for a career in which you are actually interested. Get good guidance from career counselors if you are confused while choosing your area of specialization. Plan the road map to achieve your goals right after passing out from high school.

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