Thought-provoking Debate Topics for College Students

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Debate Topics for College Students

College students need debate topics that can get them to really think, understand the topic in all its entirety, get to the bottom of the pros and cons, and after choosing the side that they are on (pros or cons) be able to defend the same with arguments that are near impossible to beat.

Education is all about making us better people. It not only imparts knowledge, but also makes us think. In this direction, it’s not just the bookish knowledge that is important, co-curricular activities are also needed. That is why so much importance is given to sports, elocution and debates among other things. Let’s concentrate on the topic of debates for a while.

Debates hone our skill at being able to approach a topic in all its aspects, know it inside out and be able to put forth points and arguments that support our point of view. Therefore, it teaches us to be thoroughly prepared and able to develop the techniques of getting our points across. The following article will give you some such debate topics to refer to and work with.

Current Debate Topics

debate topics

✎ Parking space should be shown before being able to purchase a car.
✎ Are social networking sites doing us any good? Or are they just a sophisticated way of stalking people?
✎ Is peer pressure harmful or beneficial?
✎ Should the death penalty be eradicated?
✎ Are beauty pageants just a way of objectifying women?
✎ Are live-in relationships the way to go?

debate topics

✎ Celebrities make for bad role models.
✎ Credit cards are more harmful than lifesaving.
✎ The concept of zoos should be nullified.
✎ Fried foods should come with a warning.
✎ Sex education should be imparted in middle school.

debate topics

✎ All schools should make it a compulsion to teach arts and music to its students.
✎ Parents should not purchase war and destruction toys for their kids.
✎ Are security cameras an invasion of privacy?
✎ Should gay marriages be legalized?
✎ Is the co-education arrangement a good idea?

debate topics

✎ Money motivates people more than any other factor at the workplace.
✎ Is it ethical for companies to market to children?
✎ Should school attendance be made voluntary?
✎ Does the boarding school system benefit children?

debate topics

✎ Are curfews effective in keeping teens out of trouble?
✎ Will posting students’ grades on bulletin boards publicly motivate them to perform better?
✎ Do school uniforms help improve the learning environment?
✎ How far is competition necessary in the learning process?
✎ Is it important for all schools to conduct mandatory drug testing?

Debate Topics for Students in India

India is a democracy and one of the strongest emerging powers of the world. And with a status such as this one, there are bound to be topics that are important to the nation as a whole. These topics are centrally focused and certain are such which can become global debate topics.

✎ Has the caste system completely ruined us?
✎ Are film stars and cricketers given too much importance in our society?
✎ Which is better – arranged or love marriage?
✎ Is overpopulation really a boon for us?
✎ Women here are undervalued, underpaid and underutilized.
✎ Is it true that the poor are getting poorer and the rich getting richer?
✎ Reservation of seats for women in the parliament is doing no good.
✎ Are elections just a farce?
✎ Is democracy practiced in all its sincerity?
✎ Corruption will be the end of the Indian society.
✎ Voters should be given a choice for ‘None of the above’.
✎ We are unable to fight the war against child labor.
✎ Should the doctor be able to reveal the sex of the child at the time of the ultrasound?
✎ News channels have turned into entertainment channels.
✎ We border on fanaticism when it comes to film stars and other celebrities.
✎ As a democracy, do we uphold any democratic values?
✎ Is the middle class in India becoming increasingly materialistic and selfish?
✎ The poor hardly ever benefit from development programs.
✎ The maximum class size should not exceed 30 student in primary and secondary schools.

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