Easy Scholarships and Grants

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Easy Scholarships and Grants

Save your valuable money by learning about some easy scholarships and grants. This article helps students to recognize their own uniqueness and get paid for it.

There’s no denying that education is the most important thing for any person. It guarantees a better job, a good salary and a secured future. Unfortunately, education is not cheap nowadays and most people pay for it by taking loans which gradually results in many difficulties in the future. It is understood that education is important, but should people take so much pains for it? And what about those who can’t get any loan? Where should they go? The answer is plain and simple: scholarships. There’s no need to have a high IQ to get qualified for a scholarship. This article educates its readers on some unique and easy scholarships which don’t need heavy brains.

Scholarships and Grants

There are hundreds of scholarships and college grants given out each year to students who pass a difficult test or fit into particular criteria. But don’t worry there many easy grants and scholarships that certainly don’t require any great academic record.

Scholarships for Tall People

Having a height of 6’1” or 6’2” may be difficult sometimes but it also has monetary benefits. Males who stand more than 6’0” can earn more than a $1000. Even women with a height of 5’10” or more than that can apply for this scholarship. The name of the scholarship is Tall Clubs International Scholarship. To apply for this scholarship, interested applicants would have to write an impressive essay entitled “What Being Tall Means to Me” and if selected they could win $1000.

Scholarships for Left-Handed People

Being a left-handed guy/girl sucks in this world of right-handed people. Left-handed people face problems doing their day-to-day activities like writing and using scissors for cutting. However, being left-handed also makes people eligible for a scholarship. The Juniata college in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania offers various left-handed scholarships for people.

Microsoft Grants

Some students have a special interest in a particular subject, but if the favorite subjects have always been science and technology. Then students can apply for various college grants offered by Microsoft Corporation.

David Letterman Scholarships

The whole of America knows David Letterman. He is the host of the famous sitcom “Late Night Show with David Letterman”. Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana offers the “David Letterman Telecommunications Scholarship” to its students who are studying telecommunication. Students have to submit a project related to media with some creativity added in it. The winning project could fetch a grant of $10,000. Another good thing about this grant is that there is no price limit to this grant, money is decided on the creativity of the project.

Vegetarian Scholarships

Don’t be amused but there are scholarships for being a vegetarian and they mean serious money. The Vegetarian Resource Group offers unusual easy scholarships for people who are vegetarians. This foundation provides an easy scholarship of $5,000 to students who can prove that they have promoted the benefits of being a vegetarian among their friends, in school or community. Students who wish to qualify for this $5000 scholarship, have to demonstrate their views about how becoming a vegetarian can help lead a healthy lifestyle and bring world peace.

Scholarships for Good Smell Sense

There are some people who have a powerful sense of smell and they can smell any fragrance from a distance. This scholarship is specially for clinical psychologists who are completing their post-graduate research in Aromachology. The “Fragrance Research Fund” provides students with some simple scholarships and grants worth $50,000.

Last Name Scholarships

People carrying the last name Gatling or Gatlin are also eligible for a college scholarship. The North Carolina State University offers an amazing chance for students who are having Gatling or Gatlin as their last names. Students who have such last names are fortunate enough to get a full paid college education from the university’s scholarship endowment fund, making last name scholarships one of the most easiest scholarships to get.

Apple Pie Scholarships

People who love-making apple pies can also be eligible for a scholarship. Interested candidates can fill up the form of All American Apple Pie Recipe Contest. The person with the delicious recipe will win $25,000, second prize wins $15,000 and the third prize gets $10,000.

Evans Scholars Foundation Scholarship

Not many students know that being a caddie can get them a full four-year tuition and housing college scholarship. Students who have been caddies for minimum two years and have an excellent academic records are eligible for this scholarship. Applicants should also establish their need for financial assistance to avail this scholarship.

Excellence in Predicting the Future

The Excellence in Predicting the Future scholarship is for the people who can foresee future events. This unusual scholarship is specially designed for students who are interested in economics and can use their ability to the predict the stock market.

The 140 Scholarship

Twitter, one of the most popular social networking websites in the world is providing an opportunity for students pursuing higher education to win a scholarship worth $1400. To win the scholarship, applicants need to explain in 140 characters or less how twitter has helped improve the world.

So I hope this list of easy scholarships and grants have inspired readers to use their talent for getting in to a good college. People who don’t like being a burden to anyone try for one of these scholarships and make their own money.

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