Easy Scholarships to Get

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Easy Scholarships to Get

Scholarships ensure that come what may, your academic life will not suffer an abrupt strangulation, due to at least financial crisis. Here are some easy scholarships which anyone can get sans much ado.

Scholarship: A type of financial aid, in the form of a grant that does not have to be repaid by the recipient. Scholarships are most often given to students for one of two reasons: achievement in academics or other areas, or financial need.” – Investor Words Dictionary.

Even if you’re someone with a grade point average (GPA) of not more than two, believe me it is very much possible to actually get easy college scholarships for you, to keep your academic ship afloat and sailing. All you need to do is to tap the correct information regarding all the easy scholarships to get and follow the standard procedures as penned down by the scholarship offering authorities. The rest shall be taken care of by the innumerable philanthropists out there, who are willing give away thousands of dollars every year to keep young minds nourished with the vitamins of formal education. Below are some easy scholarships available for you to follow-up as per your requirement.

Easy Scholarships for People Pursuing Higher Education

There are various scholarships given out every year, specifically to people who fulfill a particular criterion. So, if you cannot get a scholarship on the basis of academic merit (read a GPA of 4.00) then look out for these college grants and scholarships.

Scholarships for Women

Women actually have an array of special scholarships meted out to them. For instance single parenting moms, over the age bar of 35, can apply for the Jeannette Rankin Foundation (JRF) Scholarships which allots approximately USD 2000 to at least 80 women per annum. Then again there’s the AARP scholarship for 40+ women. The Women’s Independence Scholarship Program (WISP), Denny’s Single Parent Student Scholarship and the Project Working Mom Scholarship, are the best possible choices when it comes to scholarships for single mothers which pay you from USD 500 to USD 2500 and just requires ladies to go and apply while providing accurate personal data about themselves. One unique fund that caught my eye is the Regaining One’s Self-Esteem or ROSE Fund, 80% of which are those women who have been subject to domestic abuse in the past and have managed to bounce back.

Scholarships for Company Employees

Yes, you read it correctly. A lot of host companies actually offer scholarships to their employees so that they can earn and learn at the same time. Brands like Walmart (the Sam’s Club Scholarship of USD 1000 and Walmart Higher Reach Scholarship to graduating seniors worth USD 3000) and McDonald’s arrange for grants for employees who are bright and want to carry on with their studies.

Scholarships for Athletes

Loads of people who are not “bright” students, as per the societal definitions, but are champion sports persons can easily grab athletic scholarships supervised by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. So, play a sport whatever it is from school days. Be it volleyball, soccer, tennis, baseball or skateboarding, NCAA will consider your case given that you are a player. You need to get started by filling the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application and your case shall be reviewed. Believe me, if you are a good skateboarder and manage a decent 2.5 GPA, you can scoop up The Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship that pays up to USD 5000. For people who are basketball players, in all 7,177 men’s scholarships and 9,285 women’s scholarships are handed out on an annual basis by the NCAA.

Scholarships for Contribution to Society

A lot of associations consider your contribution to the society as an individual, to make the world a special place to live in. So, if you have shown your love for animals and campaigned for the adoption of vegetarianism substantially, then you can easily get the Vegetarian Resource Group scholarship of USD 10,000.

Scholarships for Special Endowments

Showcase of a natural aptitude in any field can fetch you a related easy scholarship. A good writer can avail The Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest or The Ayn Rand Institute Contest and seek to win the scholarship money. If languages are your forté then try your luck with The Klingon Language Institute grant of USD 500. If you can make innovative woolen garments then you can count on the American Sheep Industry Association scholarship. The Duck Brand Duct Tape awards the “Stuck at the Prom” title to couples who design garbs out of duct tape for prom nights and that includes USD 25000 worth of tuition fees. An aptitude in science can help you aim for the scholarship meted out by Microsoft. Even a talent in creating inventive greeting cards can help you get a scholarship worth USD 10,000. Honest!

Scholarships for Personal Physical Traits

Whoever said that you are not responsible for the way you look was right. But you can surely use your bodily characteristics to attract a few scholarships. It simply can’t get easier than this. Are you left-handed? Then waste no time and apply for the Frederick and Mary F. Buckley Scholarship worth USD 1000 to USD 1500. Other than the out of the box scholarships for left-handed people you can get money if you are a naturally tall person. Men above 6 feet 2 inches and women with a height of 5 feet 10 can surely apply for the Tall Clubs International Scholarship. Surely a very easy scholarship to get, given favorable luck and of course relatively decent scores.

So, all in all there are a hundred different education grants for college students and easy scholarships to get out there, waiting for you to grab them. Follow the usual tips on how to get a college grant or scholarship and you shall get your academic way. Single dad scholarships, military scholarships, art scholarships – just name it and voila! However, it is also important that you follow the rules and regulations of the entire procedure and when you do receive one of those much coveted scholarships, do drop in that thoughtful “thank you” letter for the scholarship donor. You never know when you might need some cash help again!

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