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Frederick and Mary F Buckley: Scholarship for Left-Handed People

Frederick and Mary F Buckley: Scholarship for Left-Handed People

Ten percent people in this world are said to be left-handed or southpaw. Find information regarding scholarship for such people in this article.
Shashank Nakate
The fact that left-handed people need help in day-to-day life is often ignored. Earlier, being left-handed or sinistral was associated with something evil or bad. Left hand shakes were considered to be disrespectful and the words such as 'cack-handed' or 'southpaw' (still in use) were synonymous with a left-handed person. Its causes are not clearly known, however, over time we have learned that it is not a curse, but just another way of living life. The world however follows techniques, tools, and methods that are suited for the 90% of the population which is right-handed. Many a time, left-handed people find themselves in tricky situations, where they cannot perform specific tasks with the same ease and comfort. This demands awareness and relevant action pertaining to the needs of left-handed people.

What is Left-handedness?

It is a phenomenon in which a person gives preference to his left hand while performing day-today activities like writing, handling tools, playing, etc. It is estimated that around 10% of the population is left-handed. There are many such famous people in the world who have made it big by overcoming their related hurdles and difficulties.

These people use their left hand and leg, i.e. the right hemisphere of the brain efficiently as compared to other people. The only scholarship available for them is the one offered by Juniata College in Pennsylvania. The 'Frederick and Mary F Buckley' Scholarship is granted to such students. This scholarship program was started by Mary Francis Buckley in the year 1979 and till date it has helped more than 40 students attend the school.

Frederick and Mary F Buckley Scholarship

Students can apply for the scholarship, after which they are screened to verify their left-handedness. One might be asked to provide references of people, who would confirm the prevalence of left-handedness in the applicant. Good academic performance and recommendations would help in increasing the chances of receiving the scholarship. The amount can range from $1000 to $1500. It covers the expenses such as tuition fees and allowances for food, transportation, books, etc.

How to Obtain it?

To obtain the scholarship, one should try to earn a respectable GPA. Financial need is the second criteria to judge a person for a scholarship. However, these are only a few of the many aspects that govern the necessity of the grant. Left-handed students should focus, understand, and note down the various problems they face. The odds or hurdles encountered in daily life should be portrayed in a manner so as to earn the maximum leverage in obtaining a grant. However, it is also the responsibility of a seeker to be honest and present only the true problems.

The community centers and NGOs could play an instrumental role to help earn scholarships. One should however, seek benefits for a proper and reasonable reason.