Forbes College Rankings

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Forbes College Rankings

The list of Forbes college rankings saw many colleges showing remarkable improvements in their rankings from the last year’s performance. To know more about the same, read this article further.

The name, Forbes needs no introduction as it is one of the well-known media and publishing companies in the US. Its major flagship publication, the esteemed Forbes magazine is published biweekly and is known as a popular magazine for publishing lists of richest Americans, top 100 billionaires and similar other factual listings. The rankings of Forbes college have been in existence since the year 2008.

From the year 2008, Forbes started publishing a full-fledged list of best colleges in America to inform its readers about some of the best colleges in the US. The rankings are believed to be very significant as they are taken after a lot of research, analysis and by collecting statistics from a large subset of students. For instance, surveys in the year 2008 took polls based on numerous factors considering nearly 7 million students all across the US. Moreover, there are various other standards of awarding points to each college. In fact, the entire task of compiling a list of college rankings is herculean and it requires skilled statisticians to get the results accurate.

Forbes College Rankings 2010: The Top 75

In the 2010, Forbes college rankings, you may find some top medical schools, best law colleges in the US, top undergraduate business schools, best pharmacy schools and even top undergraduate engineering schools. Here is the exhaustive Forbes college rankings.
1. Williams College, MA
2. Princeton University, NJ
3. Amherst College, MA
4. United States Military Academy, NY
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA
6. Stanford University, CA
7. Swarthmore College, PA
8. Harvard University, MA
9. Claremont McKenna College, CA
10. Yale University, CT
11. United States Air Force Academy, CO
12. Wellesley College, MA
13. Columbia University, NY
14. Haverford College, PA
15. Wesleyan University, CT

16. Whitman College, WA
17. Pomona College, CA
18. Northwestern University, IL
19. California Institute of Technology, CA
20. University of Chicago, IL
21. Carleton College, MN
22. Harvey Mudd College, CA
23. Vassar College, NY
24. Centre College, KY
25. Rice University, TX
26. Middlebury College, VT
27. Boston College, MA
28. Colgate University, NY
29. United States Naval Academy, MD
30. Dartmouth College, NH
31. Colby College, ME
32. Kenyon College, OH
33. University of Notre Dame, IN
34. Tufts University, MA

35. Smith College, MA
36. University of Pennsylvania, PA
37. Washington and Lee University, VA
38. Bryn Mawr College, PA
39. College of the Holy Cross, MA
40. Bowdoin College, ME
41. Duke University, NC
42. Wabash College, IN
43. Vanderbilt University, TN
44. University of Virginia,VA
45. Brown University, RI
46. College of William and Mary, VA
47. Rhodes College, TN
48. Davidson College, NC
49. Union College, NY
50. Lawrence University
51. Colorado College, CO
52. Georgetown University, DC
53. Emory University, GA
54. Bates College, ME
55. Macalester College, MN

56. Bucknell University, PA
57. Brandeis University, MA
58. Wofford College, SC
59. Wheaton College, IL
60. Virginia Military Institute, VA
61. Lafayette College, PA
62. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
63. Barnard College, NY
64. DePauw University, IN
65. University of California, Berkeley, CA
66. Oberlin College, OH
67. Dickinson College, PA
68. Principia College, IL
69. Reed College, OR
70. Cornell University, NY
71. University of California, Los Angeles, CA
72. Wake Forest University, NC
73. Kalamazoo College, MI
74. Hamilton College, NY
75. Knox College, IL

While going through the above list, one must understand that there are numerous parameters based on which the above list has been made. Depending on some specific data and factors, Forbes arrives on a list of best colleges in the US. Rankings of colleges leads to debates in the social circle and many people consider that such rankings are misleading and they’re just to market the college. This debate has been in existence since such rankings have been provided by any media house.

Students and parents must understand that they must not blindly believe the college rankings. In fact, for their assurance, they must contact school students, alumni of that college and meet teachers to know the real truth about the college. That will help them to know if a college really deserves the given rankings or is a mere marketing gimmick.

For many years, Forbes college rankings list have a reputation for providing detailed and exhaustive list of best colleges. It is not always ideal to come to a conclusion about a college just by knowing its rankings as success stories of students who graduated from not very popular colleges is also heard in day-to-day life. Utilizing the years of college life productively helps in making a good foundation for success.

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