Random Scholarships for College Students

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Random Scholarships for College Students

It is not only meritorious students who can avail benefits of scholarships, here are some financial aids that anyone can benefit from, provided they satisfy the criteria established by the scholarship providers.

If you’re hardworking, studious, and really lucky, you’re bound to win several scholarships during your college years. Even if you’re good at athletics and have been practicing your favorite sport for years, you may be able to win athletics scholarships. Throughout your college years, you must keep trying to avail benefits of numerous college scholarship programs. While you may only obtain success in getting approval for very few of your applied college and athletic scholarships, don’t miss targeting some random opportunities to win some monetary aids. You get paid for some interesting tasks, some fun things, or may be just because you’re left-handed (yes, there are left-handed scholarships that you can apply for!).

Scholarships for College Students

There are many easy scholarships for college students to win. The scholarship amount might be nothing more than USD 500, but believe me, every penny counts during college. If you carefully understand the terms and conditions of the organization giving them, then you can apply for the following easy scholarships:

Van Valkenburg Memorial Scholarship

The National Association of the Van Valkenburg Family (NAVVF) awards USD 1,000 scholarships once every two years to students (irrespective of any US university) who have the last name Van Valkenburg or with some slight variation. Such students are supposed to submit an essay of 500 words and if it is shortlisted, they’re entitled to win USD 1,000.

The Billy Barty Award

It is given to students who are shorter than 4’10”, and with a medical proof of dwarfism. It is dedicated to the famous American actor Billy Barty. If you’re shorter than 4’10”, visit the official website of Billy Barty Foundation and get more information about the same scholarship.

TYLENOL Scholarship Program

Based on academic performance and leadership attributes, TYLENOL, a North American brand famous for manufacturing medicinal products, awards 40 medical students scholarships for pursuing their studies. In 2010, money to the tune of USD 250,000 was distributed amongst 40 students.

Elks National Foundation

Visit the website of the Elks National Foundation and get information about latest scholarships for college students. Every year this organization, established in 1928 by then President John F. Malley, awards college scholarships to the tune of USD 3.5 million.

The Ayn Rand Institute

If you loved Ayn Rand’s, The Fountainhead, then you have a wonderful chance to make some good money. The Ayn Rand Institute grants scholarships for the best essays pertaining to the novel. The total prize money is USD 57,000, with the first place winner getting USD 10,000. Visit the official website of Ayn Rand foundation to gain more information about deadlines of submitting the essay.

National Make it With Wool Competition

Sponsored by the American Sheep Industry Association, this scholarship is awarded for making garments with wool, or 60% wool blended garments along with some specialty fabric. Open to preteens (age 12 and under), junior ages (13 to 16), seniors age (17 to 24) and adults (25 and above), this competition is for everyone irrespective of caste, color, creed and race. Prize money ranges between USD 1,000 to USD 2,000. Those interested in this scholarship must visit the American Sheep Industry Association website and check out the dates of this scholarship.

Potato Industry Scholarship

Awarded to senior graduate students studying in a field related to potatoes, this scholarship is worth USD 2,000. It is sponsored by the National Potato Council.

FBI Common Knowledge Challenge

Given to two high school students as a quiz prize money for answering questions related to the FBI, this scholarship is for all those guys who want to be in the FBI and know the most about it.

Obviously, this list is just a glimpse into the vast number of scholarships available for students. Check the deadlines of these scholarships and see if you’re lucky to get anyone of them.

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