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Extremely Funny Persuasive Speech Topics to Talk On

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics
Persuading and/or convincing an audience to understand your point of view takes a lot of work. If you have a speech to deliver, look for some funny persuasive speech topics, which can be of some help and inspiration.
Neil Valentine D'Silva
Last Updated: Mar 22, 2018
For many, giving a speech is like being handed the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings. It's a huge responsibility and the pressure is intense (and somehow at the back of your mind, you feel that everyone's out to get you).

With sweaty palms and elevated heartbeats, most of us try to avoid delivering a speech in front of a large audience. However, looking at it as a scary task, why not have a positive outlook. A speech helps in communicating with an audience and making them understand or see a particular side of a topic. The language you use, favoring a side, tone and pace, volume, confidence, and your body language, all matter while delivering the speech.
Including a bit of humor, not just in your speech but the topic as well, helps in lessening the stress. Which is why, we've given a few speech topic ideas for preteens, teens, and college students. Depending on the age group of your audience, you can select the topic and do the necessary research.
Topics for Preteens
Preteens in a group
- Crazy things to do in the supermarket.
- In a fight between superheroes, who will win the battle?
- Life with Harry Potter.
- Cleaning your room is overrated.
- Reasons why I love doing nothing around the house.
- Every child should get a cootie shot.
- Protection from zombies.
- Coffee tastes bitter, but we want it anyway.
- Are the final exams in schools rigged?
- Why is cheating not included in the course curriculum?
- How teachers spend their time when they are not teaching.
- My younger/elder sibling(s) should treat me like a king/queen.
- Once a month, the school should allow kids to host a food fight.
- Halloween shouldn't be the only holiday when we get to wear costumes.
Topics for Teens
- Blaming the pet dog for everything is what geniuses do.
- Why getting an autograph from your favorite Hollywood celebrity or musician without having to meet them is better.
- Who rules the school - Jocks, Divas/Cheerleaders, Nerds, or the Janitor!
- Do not spend a dime at the mall, but still have fun with friends.
- Why Walt Disney Pictures should consider making the 5th installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean.
- Unique ways to use duct tape.
- Students should not miss summer beach parties.
- Lessons I have learned after watching Walt Disney/Pixar/DreamWorks/Warner Bros./Sony animated movies.
- Why true love is not really true.
- Blaming your horoscope for why things went wrong makes life simpler.
- 10 subtle, yet sure-fire ways to annoy your sibling(s).
Topics for College Students
College Students
- Facts on why guys gossip more than girls.
- Why "all is fair in love and war"? Why not "all is fair while burping and farting"?
- Reasons why we all must keep up with the Kardashians.
- All college guys should be free from crazy ex-girlfriends.
- Tips on staying awake in Calculus/Geology/Psychology/Philosophy/Sociology/Accounts class.
- Convince a hot girl that you're new at school and have her give you a tour.
- Five more fun things to count than sheep when going to sleep.
- Convincing the professor that your dog did eat your work.
- The day when Facebook no longer rules our world.
- Create a cult following in 10 simple steps.
Delivering a speech, regardless of age, is tough. Not everyone is comfortable giving an elaborate speech in front of his/her peers and seniors. Which is why, it's essential to select a topic that you're comfortable with. If you're not interested in a particular topic, researching for the subject and delivering the speech will become tougher. Consult with your teacher/professor on whichever topic you select and make sure to calm your nerves before going on the podium.