Good Senior Project Ideas

The years come and go in the blink of an eye. Before you realize it, you might all be in your senior year. This article gives you some good senior project ideas, which will surely make your last year at school, very memorable and wonderful.
EduZenith Staff
Last Updated: May 11, 2018
Graduating from school is a big deal. It's like a seal for all that hard work that has gone into your education over the years, and your senior year is proof enough. Unfortunately though, the last year generally means project submissions. The thought of what you should present is nerve-wrecking for sure. It mostly is tough to come up with an idea for your project, only because you want it to be a really good one.
Your solution lies in doing something you know and understand well. Be as original as you want, whilst making sure that the topic is substantial enough for a really good presentation. You wouldn't want to make a sub-standard submission when your entire school year depends on it.
The first thing you need to think of is uniqueness of topic. There are innumerable people that do not necessarily seek that distinguishing factor when considering their project ideas. If, however, you want your concept to turn out successful, you might want to consider this factor. Some good senior project ideas are given here for your convenience.
List of Ideas
Apart from the above mentioned unique factor, how do you know what a good topic is? You could, rather, you should begin with considering the class or subject you're working on. Luckily, the ones in field of arts and creativity have a lot of options. Fashion, fine arts, literature, etc., there's so much to work with. For those of you dealing with the subjects of business, commerce, law, or science, there's an array to choose from as well. Here are a list of practical and theoretical options to choose from.
Hippies: Rebels or Realists?
A subject like this could make a really great topic. The Hippie culture has always been a controversial one. While there was one class of people that admired and followed them, there was a larger lot of people who were against their lifestyle and everything that they believed in. Presenting a topic like this could allow you to express your views as liberally as you'd like to.
Euthanasia or Mercy Killing:
Various people, various opinions. Given its sensitive nature, a topic like mercy killing may not be well received by all, but it one that must be brought to the forefront and discussed. For a topic like this you could discuss both, the personal aspect, as well as the legal of euthanasia.
Are Live-in Relationships a Substitute to Marriage?
Conservative cultures do not believe in this concept. Diversity in opinion for topics like this make it interesting to deal with.
The aforementioned subjects were just a tiny gist. There are lots of other options for you to consider too. Here they are:
Other Topics
  • Jewelry Making
  • True Beauty: Internal or Superficial?
  • Current Political Situations
  • Homosexuality and Bisexuality
  • Body Art (Tattoos and piercings)
  • Diets: Do They Work?
  • 2012: Is It Really the End?
  • Life Beyond Earth
  • Evolution and Creation
  • Long Term Effects of Narcotics
  • Human Trafficking
  • The Truth about Vampires
  • Is the Justice System Really Just?
  • Long Term Careers
  • Create an Animated Movie
  • Cosmetics and Animal Testing
  • Music Over the Years
  • Photography
  • Video Game Designing
  • Wood Work / Carpentry
  • Most Destructive Wars
  • Longest Lasting Wars (e.g. The Seven Years' War)
  • Child Abuse
  • Women's Rights
  • Food Drive
  • Build a Canoe
  • Organize a Fundraiser
  • Build a Dog Kennel
  • Underage Marriage
  • How Pictures are Formed on a Television Screen
  • How Does a Calculator Work
  • Compare different versions of the same book
  • Compare a novel and a movie based on the same novel (e.g. J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings as a book as well as a movie)
  • Nobel Prize Laureates Over the Years
  • Dance and its Various Forms
  • Architecture Photography
  • A Day in the Life Of... (choose whatever seems suitable. e.g. A day in the life of a baby, working woman, etc.)
  • Fashion Photography
  • Make a website for your school
The given list is a random list of projects. It should help you well enough, but if you do think that these seem common, feel free to think of other unusual ideas. After all, you need to allow your creativity to get graded well.
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