Helicopter Pilot Training Schools

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Helicopter Pilot Training Schools

Helicopter pilot training schools give you the needed assistance and information that you will require to become a skilled helicopter pilot. Having helicopter training from a reputed school increases your chances of being a successful pilot. So let’s take a look at those institutions.

Helicopters don’t fly… they just beat the air into submission.

Do you share the same feeling about helicopters? If your answer is yes, then you love flying and you would like to become a helicopter pilot. Unlike most other planes, helicopter is much more cheaper, faster and agile. Helicopter pilots must be skilled about flying and must be spontaneous in taking decisions related to landing the chopper. Well, being a helicopter pilot is not easy, you have to carefully plan the process of getting enrolled in the top helicopter pilot training schools for getting a valid pilot license.

The first important thing you need to do before enrolling in any pilot training schools is to go and personally check them. To begin with, you can start with the yellow pages because even some good schools don’t advertise. You can call these schools and fix an appointment and speak to the flying faculty.

Make an appointment during the week, as weekends would be crowded with potential pilots like you. Ask questions and make sure you find out everything you need to. As helicopter pilots fly in various fields like rescue operations, private companies and oil rigs. Make sure you know which field you want the training in.

Helicopter Training Schools for Pilots

Helicopter training schools worldwide are in a need of new pilots to enter the aviation industry and maybe, now is the best time to start your training. Helicopter pilots are in demand for oil rig operations, news, photography, rescue missions, firefighting and many other reasons. Start your career as a helicopter pilot by considering one of the helicopter pilot training schools listed below.

Bristow Academy

Bristow has three campuses in the United States which are in Florida, Louisiana and California. It also has a helicopter flight training school in UK. They train students with the Schweizer 300, Robinson R-22 and Bell Jet Ranger. The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges in 1994 has certified Bristow academy as one of the best helicopter flight training school in the United States.

Alyeska Helicopters

Alyeska helicopters has been credited for being Alaska’s only helicopter flight training school. As of January 2010, Alyeska helicopters have maintained a clean record. The school trains its students in mountain flying and educates them about navigation by flying through rough terrain. There is also an extra flying session for rough weather conditions. Alyeska helicopters offers license for private and commercial pilots and for senior flight instructors.

University of North Dakota

University of North Dakota offers you a flying license in more than 80 aircraft, in which 9 are helicopters. Helicopter pilot job training is given in Schweizer 300 and the Bell Jet Ranger helicopters. The university also offers a bachelor of science degree in the field of aeronautics which comes with a commercial aviation major.

Cloud 9 Helicopters

Cloud 9 is located in two regions in Florida, West Palm Beach and Melbourne. Cloud 9 offers certification in private pilot, commercial pilot, flight instructor, airline transport pilot and instrument ratings. The class timings are fixed according to the needs of the students, so that if they are working they would not give up their job. Cloud 9 maintains a fleet of 15 world-class helicopters.

Florida Helicopters

If you reside in the south-eastern part of Florida, get an appointment with Florida Helicopters. Florida helicopters have always maintained that safety is their #1 priority and have also won many awards for the same. They train students in two types of helicopters, 2 Robinsons R22’s and 2 Robinsons R44’s. You can get admission on the basis that you know any one of these three languages fluently German, French or English. Proficiency in English is required as knowing English would be necessary to receive government certificates.

Universal Helicopters

Located in California, Arizona, Kansas and Utah, Universal helicopters believes in providing quality education to its students in the shortest period of time. Unlike other pilot training schools, Universal helicopters do not carry any side operations such as helicopter tours, so the entire crew is focused on giving the best training and best helicopter pilot jobs to its students. The institution offers licenses for commercial and private pilots and certificates for flight instructors. They also have programs for instrument helicopter training and flight instructor instrument training.

So, these were some of the best helicopter pilot training schools in the country. If you really want to choose the best helicopter flight school, then it is important that you talk to the students who have been studying there. That’s where you will get honest answers. Ask them direct questions like, is this a good school, are the instructors good, is the maintenance of the helicopters okay etc. Students can be a reliable source of information, when it comes to selecting flight school for your enrollment.

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