Navy Boot Camp Graduation

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Navy Boot Camp Graduation

Planning to attend the navy boot camp graduation of a loved one? Then you’ll need to have some details about the function. The following article will provide you with all the needed details.

The graduation is finally here! And you can finally get to meet Raul/Pete/Susan/George…(Insert name here). They’ve slogged while preparing for the boot camp, but they’ve made it successfully through and are on their way to graduating. Before you go there though, you need to know some things about the graduation function. The following article will tell you all there is to know about the graduation requirements cause it is a day of great pride for you and your loved one.

Graduation Dates 2012

Before getting into the things that are needed to be done at the graduation, it is important to know the graduation dates. All graduation functions will be held on a Friday and can be roughly counted to about 13 weeks after the recruit left for boot camp. Accordingly, the dates have been set from April to May and are based on the training groups. They are as follows:

  • April 6, 2012 – TG 21 (109-114 & 921) 7 Divisions
  • April 13, 2012 – TG 22 (115-122, 810 & 922 ) 10 Divisions
  • April 20, 2012 – TG 23 (123-126 & 923) 5 Divisions
  • April 27, 2012 – TG 24 (127-134 & 924 ) 9 Divisions
  • May 4, 2012 – TG 25 (135-140, 811 & 925) 8 Divisions
  • May 11, 2012 – TG 26 (141-150, 812 & 926) 12 Divisions
  • May 18, 2012 – TG 27 (151-156, 813 & 927) 8 Divisions
  • May 25, 2012 – TG 28 (157-162 & 928) 7 Divisions

Graduation Requirements

Getting There

You will be meeting the recruits directly at the graduation. In order to get there, make sure that you have a letter from the graduating recruit which states that you will be coming for the graduation, only then will they let you in on campus. Along with that, you need to produce a photo proof and your relation to the recruit. Once they are sure about your relation, they’ll give you the directions and probably a map.

Time Yourself

It requires a long time to find a parking spot (around 30 minutes) and then go through all the motions before reaching the drill hall by 8.45 am. So make sure that you time yourself well.

The Schedule

The following is a schedule to enable you to understand the timings of the events that are to follow.

Timing Function
6.30 a.m. RTC gates open and security screening begins
7 a.m. Visitors walk to drill hall
8.45 a.m. Guests take their seats
9 a.m. Recruit Graduation Begins
9.20 a.m. Divisions arrive at the drill hall
9.45 a.m. Arrival of Honors
10.30 a.m. Ceremony concludes
10.35 a.m. Onwards Liberty call. Recruits leave with guests
8-9 p.m. Liberty expires for recruits


In case you’re wondering what to wear to the graduation ceremony, then just keep this in mind – If you’re in doubt, there’s nothing safer than a business casual attire. A formal shirt and jeans or pants for guys and pants and a blouse for girls; or even jeans and a formal sweater will be fine. Don’t go over the top with extreme casual clothes like frayed jeans and the like. You can speak to the recruit directly about these details.

Other Pointers

  • Don’t take pictures unless you want your cell phone or camera to be confiscated.
  • No showing any public displays of affection while the recruit is in uniform.
  • Navy tattoos, though a tempting choice, is looked down upon by the navy. So try to cover it up.

Graduation Gifts

Here are some graduation gifts that you can give your loved one at the ceremony or after.

  • A navy approved watch to mark his graduation from boot camp.
  • A navy locket for your daughter/girlfriend.
  • A scrapbook of all the letters you’ll have exchanged while they were at boot camp, filled in with the pictures of the graduation ceremony as well.
  • Bake some home-made cookies or something that the recruit likes and can’t have when he/she is on duty. They’ll love it!
  • Navy Quilts with his/her pictures all over it is also a great gift idea.
  • A mariner’s cross is a symbolic locket and works for both boys and girls as gifts.

It is important for the family to understand that the navy, like all military schools is very strict about the things the recruits keep. So wait for them to get to their schools before finding out what is allowed and what is not. It might just be that you might gift them something and it’ll be taken away. That’s why the above mentioned gifts are safe choices. Of course, while they are out on liberty with you, you could let them have all the fun that they want to have – shop, eat, and play.

Now that you know what the navy boot camp graduation is going to entail and what to expect from it, you can go better prepared! So here’s wishing the recruit a happy graduation!

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