The High School Senior Project Ideas You Aren’t Thinking About

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High School Senior Project Ideas

Scroll these high school senior project ideas, that you can put together on your own or with the help of your classmates. These project suggestions are sure to bag you extra marks when being graded…

Senior year in high school can be a pretty tedious time of projects and semester submissions. It’s added pressure to an already cramped schedule of tests and exams, while also keeping up with a heavy syllabus. Projects need to be well thought out – about how to go about it and which subject area would serve your purpose well. The stronger the topic foundation, the easier it is for you to do well. So when your professor/teacher asks you to prepare a project that is meaningful and requires a good plan of action, you’ll find here that these high school senior project ideas will suffice.

Project Ideas for High School Seniors

There are two ways to go about senior project topics, either written/presented or actively done over a period of time. Solo projects require a lot of research work done on your part, that is put together with systematic precision. In a group, a project is easier done, since everyone is assigned a particular task, making it easier to finish. So depending on what is asked of you, look out for topics relating to either of the two. Here you’ll find topics on subjects that you can either write an essay about after research, organize as a debate/discussion, make a presentation about or do a survey on.

• Drug Abuse
• Homosexuality
• Human Cloning
• Creation vs. Evolution
• Birth Control
• Pornography
• Legalizing Marijuana
Nuclear Weapons: Pros and Cons
• Poverty Statistics
• Child Abuse and Trafficking
• Government Conspiracies
• Life on Mars
• Identity Theft
• Psychological Effects of LSD
Apartheid • Sex Education
• Gaming Era
• Man vs. Machine
• Is Abortion Moral?
• Power of Prayer
• Human Rights
• Reincarnation Beliefs
• Rape Statistics
• Global Warming
• History of US Presidents
• US Constitution
• Nuclear Fission
Teen Pregnancy
• Underage Marriages
Drinking and Driving
Gambling Effects
• Child Adoption
• Non Profit Organizations
Yearbook Compilation
• Albert Einstein Theories
• Vampires: Myth or Reality?
• Immigration and Emigration Situation
• Long Term Effects of Narcotics Use
• Nostradamus Predictions and Armageddon
• Situational Analysis of Obesity in the US

Topics List for Projects

Here you’ll come across unique project ideas, for those doing group/solo projects that need time, and effort. It’s a fun activity, plus you get graded for all that hard work you and your teammates put into it. Find out ways and means on how to make your project a one-of-a-kind creation, that is both fun and serves as a good learning experience.After you have all you need to put these projects together, come up with a way to record all that you do by collecting forms/signatures or certified proof, to show that you’ve completed the task at hand. In this way you can up your chances in getting that A grade.

  • Organizing school event to raise funds.
  • Coaching the soccer team for kids
  • Assisting the elderly in old age homes.
  • Choreograph dance or organize school play.
  • Come up with a picture book for kids.
  • Short documentary or film presentation.
  • Putting away trash in your town.
  • Organize a musical instruments performance.
  • Donations to the homeless and needy.
  • Volunteer at an orphanage.
  • Take care of injured animals at a homeless animal center.
  • Take classes for toddlers in kindergarten.
  • Intern at a place which you’d like to one day specialize in.
  • Give a class on languages or on how to drive a car.
  • Decorate cakes and sell them door to door.
  • Video compilation of high school years.
  • Build a dog kennel.
  • Organize a charity event.
  • Build something after taking carpentry lessons.
  • Take cooking classes and prepare meals for the faculty.
  • Fundraisers for the poor/sick/physical or mentally challenged.
  • Offer door to door help in fixing any household damages.
  • Easy sewing project for beginners, by joining knitting classes.
  • Put together a magazine of tattoo artists in your neighborhood, town or city.
  • Find out about pet adoptions for a week, and compile a list of how you/the group took care of them.

These senior project ideas can really be a bonding tool when it comes to interacting with others in your class. It gives the faculty an idea of how a student is when it comes to teamwork and leadership skills as well.

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