How to Get Your GED

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How to Get Your GED

For those of you who were compelled to drop out of high school for different reasons, here’s how to get your GED to make yourself that career you have always dreamed of.

There are many people out there who haven’t been able to obtain a high school diploma for various reasons. It is for people like these who wish to continue their education in the future, that the GED (General Education Development) certificate has been provided by the American Council on Education (ACE). If you are 18 years of age or above, you are eligible to obtain this equivalent of a high school diploma. In some states, you are permitted to apply for the GED when you are 16, but that requires parental approval. Those of you willing to go ahead and get this certificate will want to know about the entire process. Here, we will attempt to answer your questions about why and how to get your GED, as clearly as possible.

Why Should You Get a GED?

A GED is the best option if you wish to pursue a full-fledged education, as there is no way you can do it without a GED or a high school diploma. Having a minimum of a high school diploma or an educational equivalent is essential for you to get even a basic job. Some educational experts believe that getting only a GED without any other educational qualification for the purpose of a proper career will not prove very beneficial in the long run.


If you have dropped out from high school and the rest of your batch has passed out, you are eligible to take the GED. As mentioned earlier, the age requirements for the GED vary among different states. You will have to find out from the Department of Education of your state whether you fulfill these age requirements.

What Does a GED Test Comprise?

In a GED test, you are tested in 5 sections, namely

1. Language Arts (Writing): This section consists of two parts, i.e. usage of the English language (sentence construction, organization and mechanics), and essay writing.

2. Language Arts (Reading): This section consists of five parts, i.e., poetry, drama, fiction, non-fiction and workplace documents.

3. Social Studies: The subjects that make up this section are history, geography, civics and economics.

4. Science: Three subjects, namely physical science, life science and earth and space science make up this section.

5. Mathematics: In this section you will be tested on numeric operations, geometry, statistics and data analysis, and algebra.

Each section is made up of questions worth 800 points totally, and these sections must be cleared individually. To clear each section you must get a minimum of 450 points. An average score revolves around 500 points per section, and at a total of 2500 points. However, if you are pursuing the GED for further education, ensure that you find out about the requirements of the college you are applying to, and prepare accordingly to obtain the necessary points.

How to Prepare for the GED

There are numerous academies and schools that offer full-fledged courses in order to prepare for the GED. Before you sign up at these schools, you must ensure that they are accredited by the state department of education. Some people are uncomfortable going back to school and for classes, particularly if they are slightly older. It is for such students that there are several resources of online education for the GED are now available. Some websites may offer free coaching, while the others will charge a tuition fee. Ensure that you sign up for a legitimate course.

Do your research before you sign up for such courses. It is also possible to study completely on your own, by purchasing the different GED studying guides available. However, do keep in mind that to take on the process of studying entirely on your own requires a high level of motivation, and only if you are sure you will be able to do it, should you take on this responsibility. The best way to prepare is to sign up for classes. Here, apart from the course material you will be explained exactly what to expect from the test, how to score well, and will be given additional tips that will not be available in the self-study guides. Studying online is an option for those who do not have the privilege of such classes around.

Once you are prepared with the course material, before you go for the test, you will be attempting numerous sample tests. Whether at a class, with the help of free online GED testing, or by means of self-study, these sample tests will give you an idea about how prepared you are for this test. Attempt as many tests as possible before you go for the final test in order to know where you stand, and to get a rough idea about how much to expect finally.

Where to Get Your GED Test

Now a lot of you may be considering getting your GED online. Before you give this option any more thought, GED tests cannot be taken online, neither can diplomas be offered by such means. If any website offers it, the authenticity of the diploma will be greatly questionable. The only place you can give your GED test and obtain a legitimate diploma thereafter is at a certified GED testing center in your area. To learn about such testing centers in your area, you may go through the American Council on Education website.

How Long Does it Take to Get Your GED?

The test itself in its 5 sections takes about 7 hours and 5 minutes to be completed. While some testing centers require you to complete this test in one shot, others will allow you to give this test per section in numerous sittings. To get the GED scores and the certificate can take several weeks, and this will vary depending on the testing center you are giving the test from.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your GED?

The cost to get your GED will again depend on the testing center. Some centers do not charge any fee, while others will charge anywhere between US $50 to US $100. Keep in mind that this is only the cost of the test, and that the overall cost with the books and course preparation will be higher.

With this information, you can now prepare yourself to go ahead and make yourself a career. Before you get a GED, whether for college education or for the purpose of employment, ensure that the college you are applying to, or the employer you want to work for, will recognize this equivalent of a high school diploma and permit you to study or work there. A lot of people give up on high school because they believe that it is very easy to get a GED later in life. However, it’s usability depends largely on whether or not it is recognized. Good luck for your preparation and do well!

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