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50 Interesting Sociology Research Topic Ideas You Must Read

50 Interesting Sociology Research Topic Ideas
Sociology is a very broad field of study that employs tools such as surveys, personal or telephonic interviews, observational techniques, and other experiments to get into the details of a variety of topics related to human interactions, society, and culture. Want to research on a sociological topic but facing a dilemma about which one to choose?
Vrinda Varnekar
Last Updated: Mar 20, 2018
Society does not consist of individuals, but expresses the sum of interrelations, the relations within which these individuals stand. ~ Karl Marx
Sociologists study the present conditions of society, gather information, make conclusions, and give solutions to rectify the social problems that may exist. Sociologists work in research-oriented or academic settings. Many sociologists teach their subject of specialization in universities across the world, while others conduct research in public and private organizations.
To become a sociologist, one needs to earn a graduate degree in sociology with a specialization, although some jobs do accept candidates with an undergraduate degree in sociology. In order to work for the public sector or an academic-setting, most organizations prefer a PhD.
Sociology is a science in itself. However, it has a large number of categories and sub-categories, ranging from behavioral sociology to sociology of natural resources. Hence, choosing an appropriate research topic can get quite challenging.
List of Interesting Topic Ideas for Sociological Research
Education is one of humankind's biggest necessities―there can be no development without an educated society. Sociologists study the various aspects of education: the kind of education offered, the audience receiving that particular kind of education, the different problems, and solutions required to correct the same. Hence, education can make a very fascinating research topic for those who are interested in studying the effects of education on society.
There are many aspects to education that can be chosen as research topics. Some of them are:
  • Adult Education
  • Education and Religion
  • Literacy
  • Current Issues in the Education System
  • Public vs. Private Education
  • Mainstreaming in Schools
  • Education Using Research Methods
  • Discipline and Safety in Educational Institutions
  • Relationship Between Teacher and Student
  • Difference in Educational Practice Around the World.
Sociology defines family as the first social organization that an individual comes in contact with. It analyzes the family to answer questions related to childhood, family relationships, domestic violence, abuse, and other similar issues.
Some ideas for research topics for family are:
  • Family Concept and Structure
  • Influence of Parents on a Child's Behavior
  • Family and Child Abuse - Violent punishments, Emotional Trauma, Neglect
  • Adoption and Foster Parents
  • Parenting Styles
  • The Effects of Divorce on the Family
  • Balance between Work and Family
  • Single Parenting
  • Step-Families
  • Difference in the Concept and Role of Family Across Different Ethnic Groups
Marriage can be broadly defined as a union of two individuals. Sociology studies marriage as an institution that significantly influences and affects two individuals living together. One of the key functions of marriage, according to some societies, is to provide a basis for beginning a family. However, there is no single meaning of the term.
Research topic ideas for marriage from a sociological viewpoint are:
  • History of the Institution of Marriage
  • Divorce and its Effects
  • Marriage and the Working Woman
  • Monogamy and Polygamy
  • Cross-Cultural Marriages
  • Abusive Marriages
  • Same-Sex Marriages
  • Secret to a Successful Marriage
  • Remarriage
  • Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Its Effects
Sociologists who study crime, analyze the criminal activity in society along with its causes, nature, and effects. The study of crime not only involves sociological research, but also requires analysis of criminal psychology and the study of behavioral sciences.
Topics relating to sociology and crime are listed below:
  • Crime and Minorities in Society
  • Cybercrime
  • Crime - A Result of the Absence of Education
  • Terrorism
  • Crime in Schools
  • Juvenile Delinquency and Corrective Measures
  • Substance Abuse in Educational Institutes
  • Media influences and Crime
  • Serial Killers
  • Prisons
Sports sociology is a newer, more specialized branch of the field that studies sports as an important factor of human life. It analyzes the relationship between sports and society, and provides a different perspective to the effects of sports on individuals, as well as society as a whole.
Some sports-sociology topics that can be used for research are:
  • Sports and Health
  • Sports and the Family:Closer Interpersonal Relationships?
  • Sports and Politics
  • Sports and the Economy
  • Sports as a part of Schooling:Good or Bad?
  • Influence of Sports on Culture and Society
  • Sports:Bridging Social Inequality
  • Sports and Substance Abuse
  • Sports and Gender
  • Sports and Personality Development
Points to Consider
Decide on a subject that interests you: the more interested you feel you are, the better your essay or paper will be.
Begin on time. It is extremely important to begin your research on time in order to complete it without any sort of stress hampering your work.
Conduct elaborate research on your selected topic before you sit down to write. Your research will help you get a clear idea about what exactly you want to include in your paper.
Make sure your topic is one that has easy access to both primary and secondary data. If your sources of research aren't easily accessible, your paper might take a lot more time than you may have estimated.
Including primary data (interviews, surveys, any other source of firsthand information) is always a plus as it never fails to reflect the amount of work and efforts you have put into this paper.
In case you feel the topic you chose isn't right for you, don't hesitate to have a word with your professor and ask if you can change it―after all, your paper has to be interesting for you too, right?
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