Sample Student Council Speeches

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Sample Student Council Speeches

Student council, a representative of the government, is a tool to familiarize the younger generation to democracy, leadership, and decision-making in the affairs of a school, college or university. A student-candidate makes persuasive speeches to gain the YES vote while introducing his ideas and plans to the voters. Buzzle has collated some tactful student council sample speeches that you can utilize to write effective speeches.

Things to Do Before You Start

☛ Think about its purpose.
☛ Decide the role-play.
☛ Effectiveness of the speech.
☛ Sensitive to the voter.
Answers to these questions will give you clarity to write a brilliant speech!

Organizing and operating a student council is a massive responsibility for students. According to the Irish Education Act, in 1998, A Student Council is a representative structure through which students in a post-primary school can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management and staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.

Students campaign for several positions―president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, etc. Campaigning is the most tried and tested way to gain votes till date. The best part of the campaign is the final speech comprising the agenda of the party for the students, which the student-leader promises to fulfill if elected.

This article lends a helping hand in preparing a variety of speeches for the different positions you think you are best suited for.

Points to Consider

Decide the post for which you want to run the campaign.

Study the job profile.

Study the most pressing and compelling issues in your school, and the problem areas that need immediate attention.

Choose three to which you have an effective solution.

Discuss the problems with fellow students and work out solutions for the most common
and recurring issues.

Write the speech.

Speech Guidelines

✎ Start your speech with a hook. A hook can either be a statement or a question that will grab your audience’s attention. However, introducing yourself again may not be a great option to start your speech with. Chances are someone may have already done that.

✎ After the hook, mention the post you are running for, and the qualification that makes you eligible for it, which adds to your credibility.

✎ The hook should cover the main points in your agenda without divulging the details in the introduction. For example, an anecdote that prompted your attention to one of the main points. An interesting or inspirational quote is also apt.

✎ Draw the attention of the audience to the gist of the main points you desire to take immediate action on. It works as a preview that prepares the audience to focus on.

✎ An elaborate yet concise description of the main points follows the introduction.

✎ Address one point at a time. You can start by telling the audience about the first goal that you would accomplish on winning the election, which is nothing but the pressing issues that need immediate sorting out. For example, you can state, If elected, I will urge the administration to allot more time for the lunch-break.

✎ An explanation of the reduced lunch time being insufficient and an appropriate solution to have it extended would be great.

✎ Make sure that the rest of the points are covered in the allotted time for the speech.

✎ Last but not the least, wrap the speech up by reiterating the role, agenda, the reason
why you are the best candidate for the given role, and the three main points of the agenda that you would resolve once elected.

✎ A dramatic, touching vote appeal to the audience and a thank you note at the end of your speech is sure to draw votes in your kitty.

That’s a speech which is sure to win votes!!

Effective Speech Tips

▶ Surprise the audience with a speech blended with humor, personal experiences, entertaining stories and even jokes. Take care that none of these should be offensive as they may harm your prospects of winning votes. Reaching out to the audience in a loving yet serious manner will definitely gain you a fan following and an eventual win.

▶ Start off with an inspirational story or a quote that will set up the mood of the speech revealing your seriousness about the election.

▶ A short and crisp speech will hold the attention of the audience.

▶ Use phrases like “we” and “our” instead of “I” and “mine” which are relationship builders with the audience.

▶ Emphasizing on the slogan is a vital part in the speech.

▶ A conversational tone than an overly friendly one is appropriate.

▶ A Thank You at the end of your speech is just as important.

Inspiring Student Council Speech Samples

An insight to an inspiring story of David and Goliath. The fight, in the beginning, seemed to be a one-sided competition; however, ingenuity, focus, and strong belief in God, on David’s part, helped him succeed in defeating his foe. The moral of the story, I believe is: Just like David, everyone is blessed with qualities to overcome the Goliath in our lives.

Sample Situation

I am XYZ, and I am running the campaign for the next class President/Vice-President/Secretary. If elected for the role, I will address to the parking lot problems, swimming pool fundraiser, and healthy food in the cafeteria.

Steps taken by the elect to resolve the situation:

1. I intend to take up the responsibility of fixing the parking problem once and for all. With the current system being in chaos, the urgency to design a system that is a combination of all the systems put together, is vital.

2. I believe a fundraising campaign to build a dome over the new swimming pool so that it could be used all throughout the year. Taking into consideration the future anomalies that could crop up, I assure you that I will deal with those issues promptly too.

3. I pledge to fight for a healthier, more nutritious lunch diet in the school cafeteria. A reliable solution would be to partner with local farmers in providing a fresh produce for the salads and snacks at the cafeteria.

Though fulfilling the promises would be a mammoth task, if the David-like qualities in us takeover, then achieving the set goals would be a cakewalk. We will strive together to end the parking lot problems, organize the swimming pool fundraiser, and ensure sumptuous, healthy meals in our cafeterias.

Concluding speech: I am XYZ. Vote for me as your next class President/Vice-President/Secretary. I thank all the dignitaries and students present. Have a great day!

Funny Student Council Speech Sample

Sample Situation
Good morning/afternoon everyone! I am XYZ, and I am running for the Presidential/Vice-Presidential/Secretarial post for the student council. I am here to ask you for votes. Well, I’m hoping that I’ve already won you over with my charming good looks, (It will save me from the same boring, lengthy speech!) It seems that my looks are not working here. It is time for plan B. Let us focus on the issues that I will address after I am elected.

1. Firstly, I plan to execute a strong and time-tested fix to the parking problem which is currently in chaos. I would suggest a fool-proof design which is a combination of available system. This is primarily to save roughly 10 parking spots, which are to be razed down next year due to the new band room.

2. Not knowing what the future holds in store for us, the only dependable solution would be to organize a fundraiser to construct a dome over our new swimming pool, which will be usable all through the year.

3. If elected, I assure to work towards providing a healthier, more nutritious diet, partnering with local farmers to supply fresh produce for salads and snacks in our school cafeteria.

At this point in time, I may not be the best candidate possessing essential qualities of great looks, popularity, and sense of humor (even after so many tries!) However, I hold my school dear to my heart. Your undaunted support for me can help me achieve our goals. We will work hand-in-hand to resolve the parking lot problems, organize the swimming pool fundraiser, and cater to a mouth-watering yet healthy diet in our cafeterias.

Concluding speech: I am XYZ. Vote for me as your next class President/Vice-President/Secretary. I thank all the dignitaries and students present from the bottom of my heart. Have a glorious day!

A sprinkling of anecdotes, quotes, stories, inspirational messages along with an effective introduction, impressive points, strong conclusion, and big appeal in the elements of a speech will make you the most eligible candidate for the presidential seat in the student council!

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