Nursing Scholarships for Women

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Nursing Scholarships for Women

Scholarships in the field of nursing can help budding women aspirants finance their education and be successful in their careers. This article will provide you more information about them and how to get one.

Reene, 19, is interested in a career in the field of nursing. She aspires to become a neonatal nurse in a large hospital chain and serve her patients with a lot of love and care. However, she is facing problems in arranging for finances, for paying the fees for her nursing school. What should she do?

Like Reene, many girls seem to face the problem of exorbitant fees for higher medical education these days. The field of nursing has undergone a sea change in the past few years. The course has become very competitive due to the changing trends in the global health care industry. Due to the opening of new hospitals, recruitment of nurses is on in full swing, which has increased the number of aspirants in this field. Education has also become expensive due to the increasing demand, and many women find it difficult to pay the fees of the nursing schools. Scholarships and grants can help them get the best possible education and secure their future career prospects and income.

Well-known Scholarships

Financial aid is provided by the federal government to women keen on entering nursing and is classified as graduate and undergraduate scholarships. Also, there are many private companies, funds, wealthy individuals, and charitable trusts which provide scholarships in this area. One of them, the AACN Educational Advancement Scholarship is applicable to those who are studying in a bachelor’s degree program which is accredited by the government. The scholarship amount in this case is USD 1500 for every year of study.

Then, there is the U.S. Air Force Nursing Scholarship Program which can be very useful to those who have not attended a full-time course, and are graduates or high school seniors. Here, you can get relief from tuition fees, living expenses, and study material costs. At this point, we cannot forget to mention the HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarship Program which aims at helping those who have fewer sources of funding to complete their training and securing a decent placement.

Scholarships for older women are also made available by government as well as private bodies. The ANTHC Scholarship can be useful for graduate as well as undergraduate students who are residents of Alaska. Arab-origin students who are enrolled in an accredited program or practicing as nurses can benefit from the National American Arab Nurses Association scholarship.

How to Get One

In order to get the government-offered scholarships, you should be in touch with the concerned authorities. You can visit the website of the American Nurses Association (ANA) or meet with the officers in the state nursing associations to get all the details regarding dates of applying, the eligible amount, duration, and the documents required to support the application. If you wish to pursue a course from some other country, then international scholarships are the ones which you should look for. Private bodies keep advertising their programs at the start of every academic year, so you should look out for the details in newspapers and the web.

Getting a scholarship requires merit, and hence, you should be able to prove that you are deserving of them, by taking efforts in high school. It is recommended to maintain a good academic record and complete the other formalities so that you are not devoid of quality education just for the lack of funds.

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