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7 Boisterously Creative Presentation Ideas for School Projects

Presentation Ideas for School Projects
It can be a tedious task to come up with new ways to present your projects every time. Try innovative ideas to make your project different from your peers and earn brownie points for creativity!
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Mar 23, 2018
Students can use various ideas to make their school project presentations interesting and appealing. They must be prepared in a manner such that the content is easily understood by the audience.
The projects can have a wide variety of subjects like science, history, geography, etc. More than the topic, it is how the presentation is given that matters more. No matter how interesting the topic is, if not presented properly, it will leave the audience bored in no time. A great way to avoid this, is to have an interactive presentation. One may either ask a few simple questions to the other students, or arrange a quiz after the session is over.
Creative Presentation Ideas
Many different ideas for the respective subjects can be used. The ones that are commonly used include activities like preparing models, creating charts, etc. Presentations for high school students could incorporate computers and applications such as PowerPoint.

Even if the techniques do not change much, one can make the whole activity fun-filled and interesting by introducing some creative ideas. Here are a few great ways to present your project effectively.
Posters or Banners
Posters are a great way to depict information especially for those related to geography, history, or science. A pictorial poster or banner can be used to represent timelines of events in history, or popular places in a country. Banner stands can also be used instead of banners. They can either contain all text, all pictures, or both.
Brochure Designing
brochure designing
The idea of designing a brochure helps explain the project in a better way. All the necessary details about the topic can be included in it. Those who listen to an oral presentation can get a rough idea of the subject being discussed and therefore, take interest in the project. The brochure should, hence, incorporate a catchy phrase that attracts the reader's attention. One can decorate it with a logo to enhance its appearance.
Key facts regarding the topic can be included in the brochure. However, it should not be overcrowded with content. Formatting is, therefore, one of the crucial aspects of designing; enough white spaces need to be maintained in order to make the content clear enough for reading. The brochures can then be handed out to the audience before giving the presentation.
Model Making
model making
This idea works best for science project ideas like solar system, photosynthesis, global warming, etc. A poster or banner may also be kept in the background, to explain the working of the project, or give some additional information about it. Instead of using paper and cardboard, the models can also be made using food items. For example, using fruits to represent the solar system, veggies to represent animal cell, or cream biscuits to represent lunar phases.
A collage is created by gluing objects, text, or pictures together. The presentation board to be used for making a collage should look neat and clean. A collage, owing to its pictorial form, proves to be of great help in explaining the project. Moreover, the use of pieces of different colors enhances its appearance.
Skits work best for projects related to languages or history. The students can perform a drama depicting a popular fable, or an event in the history. The dialogs may also involve usage of new vocabulary.
Wall Murals
wall murals
This is a great idea for high school students. Any one of the school or classroom walls can be painted for a range of ideas like maps, important people in the history, famous places, or culture of a country.
PowerPoint Presentation
powerpoint presentation
PowerPoint can be used to its best potential for explaining the subject matter in an easy-to-understand manner. Explaining the subject matter slide by slide helps illustrate the content in an organized manner. One can add different types of effects to the presentation to make it appealing.
Presentation Tips
» Proofread and organize the material carefully.
» Practice and rehearse the presentation a few times to gain confidence.
» Be prepared to answer all the possible questions that may be asked after the presentation.
» In case of a PowerPoint presentation, limit the number of slides to a manageable number. Make sure the presentation is not too long.
» One should avoid using fancy fonts in a presentation. It can affect the readability of content, thereby, dampening the interest of the audience.
» In the PowerPoint presentation, use a design template in order to maintain consistency throughout the content.
» Colors used for text and background should be in contrast with each other so that the content becomes easily readable. Avoid using a textured or patterned background for the presentation board.
Apart from these ideas, the students may also stage a debate about a particular topic, create a scrapbook to present their research, or use graph charts, especially for math projects.