6 Cool and Innovative Presentation Ideas for Teachers

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Presentation Ideas for Teachers

Teaching comes naturally to those with an innate ability for the same. A good teacher is competent, creative and knows well how to motivate a student. This post presents a wide variety of presentation ideas for teachers which can help in making a subject interesting and also motivate the students to be attentive in the class.

The teaching profession provides an enriching opportunity in various fields to prove your natural endowment, interests and aspirations. According to Albert Einstein, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” This is so true. Good teachers are a boon to the society. The benefits of becoming a teacher are many. The responsibilities of a teacher include shaping young minds and motivating them to become successful citizens of tomorrow.

No other profession gives this amazing chance to educate the future generations of society. Teaching as a career can be an exciting and fulfilling journey if a teacher develops effective teaching strategies to reach each and every child in the class. To be successful, one needs to develop a style of teaching and excellent presentation skills. Given below are a few effective ideas to improve and enhance their communication in the class.

Classroom teaching should mainly focus in making the subject interesting. This will draw the attention of students and make the sessions lively. Of course one needs to be well-prepared and know the subject well to deliver effectively.

Relate to the subject

Teacher telling about earth globe

To make a session engaging and lively, it’s very important to connect with your students. Give practical examples so that they can relate to every facet of what you teach. Today’s children are very prompt in everything. They are curious about knowing new things. As a teacher, you should develop effective teaching methods so that your students understand that their learning is not just confined to the classroom, but something that they’ll be using in real life too.

Hands-on activities

Student making craft

This can be an effective idea to engage the students in the class, as students learn better hands-on. Theory sessions explain the various techniques and principles to approach a particular topic. As mentioned in the previous point, practical examples should be given to support the theory, but hands-on activities allow students to practice the techniques explained in theory sessions.


Doctors visiting to patient

This enables the students to role-play situations they are likely to face in life. For example, management students could role-play their conversation with different clients, medical students could conduct mock sessions where they can interact with different patients they are likely to meet. These mock sessions in classroom help students learn the subject well and also builds up confidence in them.

Group participation

Students presenting something in class

Divide the students in your class in different groups. Assign specific topics to each group to present in the class. These activities enable the students to interact with other members in the group and also develops a sense of team spirit.

Quiz and debates

Group discussion in class

According to me, this is one of the most interesting ideas. You can divide your class into teams and conduct a quiz or debate contest in the class on general topics or on topics that have already been taught. This activity helps students to work as a team, develops a competitive attitude and an eagerness to win.

Visual presentation

Teacher giving presentation in class

You can make use of PowerPoint for visuals. Don’t include only plain text in presentations. Make a PowerPoint presentation interesting by using images, graphics, charts, statistics, etc. wherever necessary. The most important thing to remember for a visual presentation is not to read out from the slides. Show only the diagrams and charts on the slides. Do the talking by yourself giving practical examples. The slides should only support your presentation. Another effective tool is to use an overhead projector. For that you can make use of transparencies.

After a presentation, have a question and answer session. Your answer should be concise and to-the-point. Few children are shy to ask questions because they are too bothered about the reaction of others. You should be able to recognize such children and find out ways that will help them participate in the class and boost their self-esteem. For interesting questions asked, you can encourage them by a pat on their back and say, “Good question”.

Effective Presentation Tips for Teachers

  • You must know the subject thoroughly and prepare well before any presentation. This develops confidence and also helps to deliver effectively.
  • Speak clearly so that everyone understands. Also be loud enough so that every child in the class is able to hear what you say.
  • Maintain eye contact with each student in the class.
  • While teaching, don’t stand in one place. Move away from the podium to draw the attention of everyone in the class. This will help manage the class well and also students will be less distracted.
  • Make your sessions fun with jokes, stories and interact with students at any point of time in the class.
  • Surprise your students with questions or tests on topics that have been taught. Surprises can be challenging and who knows your students may fare better than expected.
  • This point cannot be considered as a presentation tip, but can earn you respect as well as response. A good teacher always remembers the name of each and every student in the class. This will help you connect with your students better and also let them feel that you know them.

Presentation Topics for Teachers

Apart from the course curriculum, there are other ideas and topics which can nurture the learning of students. Concentrate on topics which are age-specific so that your students can relate to. It better to choose general and recent topics which can add to the overall knowledge of your students. Given below are few general topics that can educate the students as well as teachers about these global issues.

  • Pros and Cons of Cell Phones for Kids
  • Importance of Finding a Career
  • Sex Education in Schools
  • Effects of Television
  • Global Warming Effects on Earth
  • Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse
  • War on Terrorism
  • Benefits of Reading
  • Depression in Teenagers
  • Impact of Fast Foods
  • How was the Universe Created?
  • Does God Exist?

I am sure the ideas given above will enhance your performance in the class. Not everyone can be a teacher. According to Lee Iacocca, “In a completely rational society, the best of us would be teachers and the rest of us would have to settle for something less.” A good teacher should not only be passionate about teaching, but should also be approachable and enthusiastic. So inspire and motivate your students to face challenges in life and enhance your enjoyment in teaching!

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