Top Schools for Robotics Engineering

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Top Schools for Robotics Engineering

In the US, there are various top schools for robotics engineering and each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. While choosing, ensure that you conduct a proper research, meet alumni and seek advice from your college teachers regarding the robotics school you’re willing to go to.

A career in robotics technologies is challenging and equally interesting. If you’re a student who loves machines, especially robots, you may find this field fascinating. Tremendous scope in robotics engineering has paved the path for establishment of several top schools for robotic engineering. Those aiming to become a robotics engineer can study in these colleges and make a great career in the field of robotics.

Best Schools for Robotics Engineering in The US

Robotics School Location
Purdue University-Main Campus West Lafayette, IN
University of Georgia Athens, GA
University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA
Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN
Johnson & Wales University Providence, RI
Indiana State University Terre Haute, IN
Purdue University Calumet Campus Hammond, IN
Pennsylvania College of Technology Williamsport, PA
Utah Valley University Orem, UT
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA
Ball State University Muncie, IN
Vincennes University Vincennes, IN
Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA
Alcorn State University Alcorn State, MS
Siena Heights University Adrian, Michigan
University of Rio Grande Rio Grande, OH
Dunwoody College of Technology Minneapolis, MN

The need for robots in the past couple of decades has compelled scientists and engineers to improve the robotics technologies. This has especially been true in the case of nuclear power development, industrial automation and space explorations. Robots have been extremely beneficial in dumping nuclear wastes and carrying out space explorations in a more human like approach.

Students who’re willing to become robotics engineers have to study electrical, electronic, mechanical and computer science engineering to synthesize their knowledge to make robot machines that have variety of practical uses. The above universities and schools offer courses in numerous robotic engineering fields at an associate, post-graduate and doctorate level. These university programs vary in course design based on the degree level.

It is not that the big names like MIT, Stanford are not in the list because they don’t offer robotics programs, but it is because this list is solely of colleges where robotics programs have become famous. No particular rankings have been awarded to various colleges and it is a random list, obtained from various sources. These are certainly not the only institutes offering robotic programs and so there is scope for exploration. Moreover, as robotics is open to most of the engineering disciplines, even an engineering degree holder can try to enter in this field by proving his capability, interest and learning about robotics.

Associate Degree

An associate’s degree is the basic requirement to make a lateral entry in the field of robotics engineering. Students who obtain an associate degree in robotics are involved in repairing and operating robotic devices. Some programs are very particular in nature and they strictly focus on specific industry where robots are employed for time taking tasks. These industries may include shipping, manufacturing and construction works.

Associates are given training regarding use of several engineering disciplines so that they find it easier to grasp the science of robotics. Mechanical knowledge and a strong background in maths is essential to gain admission in associate programs. After completing the associate’s degree programs, graduates can hold any of these positions in the robotics industry, namely, robotic equipment troubleshooting technician, machine controller and quality assurance technicians.

Post-graduate Degree

In the master’s degree, students get an opportunity to design robots. An associate’s degree in robotics is always beneficial, however, those willing to switch from engineering disciplines like computer science, mechanical, electrical or electronics, have to demonstrate high levels of skills in calculus, Physics and Maths. In post-graduate degree, students are exposed to the wide and deep field of robotics. Master’s degree holders can become professionals with designations like robotic designers, robotics technology researcher and robotics design project manager.


The highest degree in robotics technologies is that of a doctorate and it takes years of consistent research and study to obtain it. Owing to very few schools that offer PhD or doctorate degrees in robotics engineering, it is an extremely competitive field. Being a very deep course covering all the basic and advanced features of robotics, obtaining a doctorate is not easy.

It requires immense hard work and a passion to excel in this field. Students who complete doctorate studies in robotics can work as robotics engineering researcher, robotics designer and university professor. Students who’re looking for PhD can work as research assistants or teacher’s in the college they have applied for doctoral research so that they can earn to manage their expenses during doctoral program studies.

Graduating from any of the top robotics engineering school, as stated above, will help students develop strong conceptual backgrounds in robotics technologies. The advancements in robotics has also bolstered sharp increase in the salary range of these professionals. The pay scale can range anywhere from US$35,000 to US$80,000 depending on numerous factors.

Numerous renowned institutions all across the globe, be it in the Asian countries like India, Japan or China or European countries or the UK also award several degrees in robotics engineering. Students must visit official website of the above schools, make a note of all essential pointers and discuss with past students regarding the facilities in these schools. This will help the students in choosing a college as per their interest and also based on the performance of the school.

It is being believed that the field of artificial intelligence will assume a significance in the recent years. With giants like Sony investing heavily in humanoid robots, to make life easier for us, it is certainly possible to witness an age where robots will be a part and parcel of our life. While questions regarding efficiency, cost-effectiveness and the missing human touch in robots will always be a topic of debate, robotics is the field to be in, for those who’re really passionate about robots!!

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