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Veterinary Technician Schools

Veterinary Technician Schools

Veterinary technician schools offer degree programs in working as assistants of veterinary doctors. Those who are interested in studying animals and care about them should find this program to be useful in pursuing a career in this field...
Shashank Nakate
A veterinary technician is responsible for carrying out tasks associated with the treatment of animals. These different tasks include taking/processing radiographs, performing skin scrapings, collecting urine and carrying out different types of laboratory tests. These tests are from the different fields like hematology, biochemistry, serology, urinalysis and microbiology.

Schools for Veterinary Technicians

A 2-3 year degree from a school that is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is necessary to become a veterinary technician. This degree is known as Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. If this is a career that interests you, then the information given below about the various schools that offer degree courses to aspiring vets should be of some help. However, remember that to be eligible to apply to these schools, you will need to complete general education classes with at least a 'C' grade. You will also need to take up BIO 160 and microbiology courses to get admission to veterinary technician programs.

Brown Mackie College
One of the premier veterinary technician schools, Brown Mackie College has various branches spread out that offer degree programs to become veterinary technicians. The different locations where the Brown Mackie has its branches are as follows: Akron, Boise, Findlay, Albuquerque, Cincinnati, North Canton, Bend, Wayne, Salina, St. Louis, Michigan City, Kansas City and Louisville. The name of course offered by this college is Veterinary Technology - Associate of Applied Science. Practical skills required to carry out the laboratory tests, assistance during surgeries and administrative work are taught to the students. Various subjects form the core of this course include physical examination, animal safety, animal behavior, drug administration, veterinary ethics and law, grooming, and record keeping. Students completing this program can work in veterinary clinical settings.

Globe University
The Globe University offers both Associate and Bachelor's degree programs that teach veterinary technology. Performing laboratory tests is the important skill that is taught to those who enroll in Associate and Bachelor's degree programs of veterinary technology. Skills pertaining to how to communicate with animals also are taught to the students; opportunity to work with live animals is given to the students and which is one of the highlights of these programs. The students have to learn different skills associated with physical examinations, nail clipping, vaccinations, preparation for surgery, etc.

Pima Medical Institute
An associate degree in veterinary technology is offered by the Pima Medical Institute. This program is offered by Pima Medical Institute at the following locations: Chula Vista (California), Colorado Springs (Colorado), Las Vegas (Nevada), East Valley (Arizona), Tucson (Arizona), Seattle (Washington) and Renton (Washington). Skills taught in this associate degree program include that of conducting surgical & dental procedures, practicing examination techniques, office management, learning anatomy and physiology of animals, performing radiologic procedures, etc.

Scope for Veterinary Technicians

There is great scope in terms of job opportunities for those who complete the course of a veterinary technician. It is estimated that there will be 36% growth in the jobs for veterinary technicians. The places where veterinary technicians can get jobs include diagnostic laboratories, biomedical facilities, human societies, wildlife facilities, animal control facilities, etc. One should, therefore, make best use of the courses offered at these veterinary schools to pursue a career associated with the well-being of animals. Information on veterinary technician salary should help understand how much one can earn through this profession.

Schools for Veterinary Technicians Online

As stated above, there is going to be an increase in demand for veterinary technicians in the future. Every aspiring candidate cannot pursue a degree on campus to become a veterinary doctor. In some cases, attending veterinary technology courses on campus too is not possible for few of us. In such situations, the option of going for online programs should be considered. There are many universities which offer online programs for becoming veterinary technicians. Here is a list of colleges/universities which run the AVMA accredited veterinary technology programs.
  • Blue Ridge Community College, Virginia
  • Jefferson State Community College, Alabama
  • Cedar Valley College, Texas
  • Northern Virginia Community College, Virginia
  • Moraine Park Technical College, Wisconsin
  • Purdue University, Indiana
  • Penn Foster College, Arizona
  • San Juan College, New Mexico
  • St. Petersburg College, Florida
The information about veterinary technician schools should prove to be helpful in the pursuit of taking up degree programs in this field. One should always be careful and check whether a college/university is affiliated to the AVMA. Taking the necessary precautions should allow in obtaining quality education from reputed institutions.