Wacky Scholarships

So you want to enter the college of your choice, but couldn't produce the right stuff to get that coveted scholarship you've been eying. Now you can't think of any other way to get through, because you lack the funds required to do so. Enter the world of alternate scholarships, where you just might be unique enough to hold one.
EduZenith Staff
With the inflation rates soaring, the cost of living has risen tremendously in these few years. It is now time to think and spend, or rather think more and spend less. The latest financial crisis which took the world by storm in late 2007 has not faded away yet. Along with the rise in the prices of most of the commodities, one can notice the rise in the education expenses too. Of course, one may consider the expenses of getting higher education, especially during financial crisis. But then, we all know that it is not going to be there forever, and in fact is getting better now. Students are always looking for scholarships to pay for their education expenses.
What are Wacky Scholarships?
There is always a specific criteria for anyone to be eligible for a scholarship. It may be excellence in academics, athletic skills or extra-curricular achievements. That's where a regular scholarship begins and ends. There are a few unusual scholarships for which the eligibility criteria is, how do I put it, mad enough, to give you what you want. For example, if you're left-handed then you have got a left-handed scholarship to apply for. If you're too short or too tall, then too you've got a height scholarship to apply. These kinds of weird scholarships are known as wacky scholarships.
Such scholarships are bestowed upon those people who are different from the rest. Who have got strange and weird hobbies. And the best part is that, they are rewarded by granting these wacky scholarship for their strangeness and uniqueness. What can be better than this?
Commonly Uncommon Scholarships
Let's find out what type of strange scholarships are out there. Who knows, maybe I would be eligible for one too!
Height Scholarships
For people who are not happy with their height, they can be rewarded with a scholarship. There are a couple of wacky scholarships offered to people who are too tall or are too short. There is a standard height criteria for these. For example, for boys who are taller than say 6'2" and for girls it is 5'8″. The Tall Clubs International Scholarship is the name of one of the organization. There is also the Billy Barty Foundation for people who are shorter than 4'10″.
Weight Scholarships
For those who are on the heavy side and can't really apply for an athletic scholarships, they can apply for a special scholarship. For example, they can become a member of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance,and may be liable for 2 merit based scholarships.
Left-Handed Scholarships
For all the lefties living in a right-handed world, here's the The Fredrick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship. It's applicable for those who go to the Juniata college in Pennsylvania. If your proposal passes, you can receive up to $1000.
Red Hair Scholarships
Yes, there are even scholarships for those who have got natural red hair! It's called The Red Scholarship and its for the naturally red-headed people. The criteria for application is that you have to be a red-head in the United States, in the 11th or 12 gradeth and should have an idea for a creative piece on what being a red-head means to you. Succeed in all three categories and you'll find yourself $250 richer!
Marble Shooting Scholarships
For those with the knack for shooting marbles, The National Marbles Tournament offers a $4000 scholarship to those who can win their 4-day tournament. You have to be under 15 to apply.
Star Trek Scholarships
This one is my personal favorite. It's a detailed scholarship program by the The International Star Trek Fan Association for those with the dual life of studying for college and being a member of the Starfleet Academy. You get a basic $500 scholarship along with ten other scholarships based on your field of expertise. Each scholarship is named after Star Trek icons like George Takei and Patrick Stewart.
Less Common Scholarships
The United States is a place where you can get most of these whacky scholarships, and the options seem to be infinite.
  • There is one for those who are masters in bowling from the US Bowling Congress.
  • Then there are a couple of other scholarships offered to high school skateboarders, like the Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship.
  • For students who want to learn watch making or wine making, even they can get respective scholarships.
  • Those interested in equestrian activities are granted scholarships by the Arabian Horse Foundation.
  • For people who are interested in swine management, a scholarship is available from The International Boar Semen Scholarship.
  • If you are a golf caddie, then you have a fair chance of getting a scholarship from The Evans Scholars Foundation looked after by the Western Golf Association.
  • If you can call a duck, you can be awarded with a scholarship by the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest.
Please note that the names of the scholarships or organizations awarding them mentioned above, are just few examples given. You can look out for more as there are many out there in abundance. These can really be one of those quick and easy scholarships. Not many people are aware about these wacky scholarships and most of these remain unnoticed and unclaimed. So look out for more of these, who knows, your weird practice may get you money for the college. Until then be weird. Cheers!