Summer Trips for Teachers

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Summer Trips for Teachers

Teachers can utilize their summer holidays productively by traveling to different parts of the world, at affordable costs. Keep reading to know more…

With summers around the corner, teachers in the US will have plenty of time to invest in recreational activities. How about a summer trips to the world’s most fascinating countries? If you are a teacher reading this, the mere thought of traveling across the globe must have set your imagination reeling. With numerous NGOs, educational institutions and even governments of several countries coming up with lucrative and discounted summer trips for teachers, the road to travel has become all the easier and interesting.

Why Summer Travel for Teachers?

Teachers shape the future of a nation. They carry the responsibility of igniting young and talented minds of a country to make them responsible citizens. Year-long academic schedule leave them exhausted and tired. They certainly deserve the much-needed summer vacations break. To make it interesting, worth the efforts and money, traveling can be the most ideal option. There are plenty of reasons for organizing summer trips for the faculty members. Summer trips rejuvenate teachers and give them the much required time to relax and enjoy a different routine. It also enriches their experience and helps them to get back with abundant knowledge and experiences to share with their students. Moreover, traveling helps teachers to become better individuals and better teachers as they experience multitude of cultures and traditions.

Teachers, during their travel time, are involved in community development in countries where it is needed the most. For instance, a trip to African countries will help teachers to understand the lives of people living in Africa more closely. During their stay, teachers can help students by teaching their favorite subjects. The experience of watching wildlife and marine life are other attractions related to traveling, that I bet, no geography teacher will want to miss.

Who Funds and Arranges Summer trips for teachers?

There are many privately funded organizations that help teachers to manage the cost of trip within the country or even outside it. Travel grants for teachers are a handy tool that help many teachers every year to enjoy great traveling experience. Teachers can apply for travel grants from the local and national level educational institutions who have a legacy or culture of awarding such helps to teachers. Besides privately funded organizations, there are many NGOs, that offer teachers some amazing travel options.

One of the popular names in the list of non profit organizations is the GEEO: Global Exploration for Educators Organization, situated at 125 Conway Avenue, Narberth, PA 19072, USA . It arranges trips for teachers all across the US, as per the desired destinations for a period of two – three weeks. You can find more information about GEEO by calling on (877) 600-0105. You can also visit their official website by researching on the Internet.

Similarly, there are several other NGOs that coordinate travel tour for groups and network of teachers all across the world. Teachers can find about them by doing relevant research on the Internet. In all countries, there are NGOs and not for profit organizations that help teachers travel the world and experience different life. For teachers of 5th to 12th grade students, who are interested in science tours, NASA workshops are amongst the most ideal summer trips!

One of the reputed universities in the US, The Pennsylvania State University, in partnership with the famed NASA, offers courses 9 accredited weeklong programs in different topics and subjects for teachers of 5 to 12 grade students! NASA helps teachers in managing added costs like staying allowance, travel costs and other requirements. Some other included costs are covered on competitive basis. More information about the same can be obtained by visiting The Penn State official website.

If you search on the Internet, there is no dearth of traveling opportunities for teachers. They have plenty of options to travel and with the social media making networking an extremely simple task, it is not difficult to build contacts and coordinate travels with other like-minded teachers. Even twenty – thirty teachers in a school can come together and negotiate with NGOs and educational institutes for funds so that they can travel abroad for a grand new experience!

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