General Knowledge Questions with Answers

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General Knowledge Questions with Answers

They seem silly, but they make you think. Not knowing the answers to some general knowledge questions can make you feel silly. That’s what makes general knowledge questions so much fun, because they always end up teasing your brain more than you expect.

General knowledge questions may seem like the most boring questions ever, but they sure get you thinking for answers. General knowledge overarches myriad subjects such as current affairs, science, geography, mathematics, botany, medicine, sports, and music. These mind-boggling questions have been a staple diet for school competitions, competitive examinations, and let’s not forget television series such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. They make up for entertaining games with kids and adults alike. General knowledge questions with answers not only improve your awareness of the world that indirectly affects you, but also gets you thinking about it. So if you count yourself amongst the information junkies, then get down to increasing that knowledge base with these questions.

Questions with Answers for Kids and Adults

Q1. Which is the oldest parliamentary democracy in the world?

Q2. Who was known as Maid Of Orleans?

Q3. Which British King said, “He never said a foolish thing, nor ever did a wise one”?

Q4. Who named the Pacific Ocean?

Q5. Which country is called “Land Of White Elephants’?

Q6. Which is the largest sea in the world

Q7. In which part of the Swiss valley would you build a house and why?

Q8. Which is the world’s longest poem?

Q9. Who wrote Grapes of Wrath, a novel set in California describing the state ‘flowing with milk and honey’?

Q10. What was the real name of authoress George Eliot?

Q11.Who invented the jet engine?

Q12. What is Mach Number?

Q13. Which element has the highest boiling point?

Q14. Which planet has the biggest satellite?

Q15. How do bats manage to avoid obstacles while flying?

Q16. According to legend, for how many nights did Scheherazade tell her stories of the “Arabian Nights”?

Q17. The title of Thomas Hardy’s book, Under the Greenwood Tree was taken from a song in which Shakespearean play?

Q18. After which famous person was the teddy bear named?

Q19. What is the rhino’s horn made of?

Q20. How did the month of January get its name?

Q21. Which planet has the longest day?

Q22. Which of the children’s tales by Hans Andersen is, in fact, an account of own life?

Q23. Name the seven dwarfs who, in Walt Disney’s cartoon feature film, looked after Snow-White?

Q24. In which year was the Nobel Prize instituted and which country awards it?

Q25. Why does one lean forward when climbing a hill?

General knowledge is the knowledge gained outside as well as from textbooks and prescribed syllabus. Knowing beyond your spectrum of work contributes to personal enrichment and widens your scope of imagination. In subtle ways, subconsciously gained knowledge helps in developing an attitude that exudes confidence.

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